Balance Awareness Week on September, 2024: how can I BALANCE it all?

Balance Awareness Week 2024. Consumers' CHECKBOOK Health - Meniere's Disease Balance Awareness Week

how can I BALANCE it all?

I am not doing ALL that you do but I definitely know that you NEED time for yourself...Taking time out just once a week to refresh and rewind is crucial. The obvious answer (to me, anyway) is to get some exercise...and if you need a fresher experience and a way to boost your awareness and confidence, try yoga. Just don't beat yourself up for not getting to EVERYTHING. It is important to take care of yourself FIRST so you can take care of others.



Hi! I personally have the same problem and have been working on it through different methods and already started noticing results: Pilates is great to have more flexibility, balance and coordination, same with swimming as you have to keep a perfect balance and coordination (hand-feet) in order to float and move forward/backwards... try also standing on one feet and raise the other as trying to touch your butt, try to keep ths position for 10 secs and change to the other foot. Just do 3 series with each foot.

Yoga is also a great exercise, it not only benefits your balance and coordination, but your whole awareness, peace of mind, youll feel more laid back and confident after 5-6 weeks of practicing yoga 3 times a week.

hope it helps.

Will Obama be fair and balanced with the white folks as he puts it?

Will Obama be fair and balanced with the white folks as he puts it?

I am black, so let me give you my opinion.

I am one of that 1% of the blacks who actually voted for McCain first off because I knew that Obama had a racist agenda and his wife is a racist pig.

I do agree with you by the way that those type of organizations should be allowed because not to have them wouldn't be balanced and I do believe that most of these black organizations are racist at heart.

I am a Christian so I cannot allow myself to overlook truth despite the color of my skin. I don't believe Obama is going to be fair and balanced at all.

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