World Reflexology Week on September, 2024: can i rely on the reflexology patch?

World Reflexology Week 2024. Massachusetts Reflexology Association celebrates World Reflexology ... World Reflexology Week is the

can i rely on the reflexology patch?

There's a couple sided answer to this question. First off, there is a LOT of debate out there about the foot detox pads. Some say they are fantastic, some say they don't work at all, but what I would ask to you is, "are they working for you?"

If they are working well enough for you, I'd say to keep using them. If not (by following the directions), then there are many other natural options available. If you would like some natural alternatives, there's Dong Quai, Black Cohosh, Vitex (also called Chasteberry), Wild Yam, Damiana Leaf, Motherwort, GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid, commonly in Borage Oil and Evening Primrose Oil), and some Soy germ products.

There are millions of women world-wide that use and get a lot of benefits from any combination of these ingredients for help with their "monthly issues". I've had a number of women even report that their PMS is significantly reduced, their cramps are minimized, and they don't have anywhere near as bad of issues during that time of the month. Good luck!

Seriously though-How much enhancing can a guy do in a couple of weeks?

Seriously though-How much enhancing can a guy do in a couple of weeks?


yeah dude,

i already asked that Q:

"what does he really wants? he really want to fight or not?"

so many demands, the ring size, gloves...pac doesnt even have to ask for it cuz

they are standards in vegas and pac only wants to makes sure floyd wont change it

why the flomos loves to cite things that deviates from the real answer...

hatton? did they ever thought all the brits rallied to hatton ever than before sinply

because he will need all the supports on fighting a mega fighter like pac? logically

pac is the greater draw, not hatton

delahoya? who called, is it pac? aint osky wants to earn money from that fight...

why count it against pac when everyone knows it's just a money fight and osky's

age can never cope up against a young and strong fighter such as pac.

cotto? sacrificed what? did he came from a higher weight class just to meet manny's?

they fought on the weight they both agreed...period!!!!

12 oz gloves? only means floyd is a real pu$$y by demanding such....ewwwww!!!

what? he wants a pillow fight? this is boxing not reflexology, the ring is no place for a massage.

and this is the megafight, the whole world will be watching and he doesnt want blood? after all the hype he made, he wants to give the fans a non-spectacular fight, just another boring UD? the aftermath of this fight could bring american boxing back to the limelights.....


Any natural methods for going into labour that actually work??

Any natural methods for going into labour that actually work??

sex...well it cures braxton hicks i hear!

wlking...brings ON braxton hicks which can lead to guess it culd help. mind, duno abt u, im 37 weeks and i just cant b bothered 2 wlk 5 mins dwn the road!!

pineapple...duno. but i'll try it n we'll soon find out i guess

nipple stimulation...this brings the milk out more in ur breast making ur body releace a hormone that tells ur body the baby's out...then body thinks "hang on...its still dwn there!! get it out b4 the milk dries up" and well...out pops baby in THEORY

lol. i tried a curry the other night. had the worlds worst eva braxton hicks and was adamint i was in labour. only 2 b told i was constricting not dilating!! lol...whoops...

oh and DONT do sit ups like lucky says to!!! geez...she must want u 2 squish baby! agn, 37 weeks and gettin out of a chair or up 1st thing in the morning is hard enuf! let alone bloody sit ups!!!plus, if ur baby hasn't moved dwn very much and u try it, u'll feel ur ribs scratching along the sis in law did that n her baby was born wiv a broken leg. not a wise move

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