Farm Animal Awareness Week on September, 2024: Animal abuse project ideas?

Farm Animal Awareness Week 2024. CELEBRATE FARM ANIMAL AWARENESS WEEK Farm Animal Awareness Week

Animal abuse project ideas?

Bring awareness to farm animals abuse and factory farming.. Which is the most looked over form of animal abuse in the world. People don't mind the horrible things done to the animals that feed them as long as they don't have to pay much for milk or meat.

You don't have to be a vegetarian, btw, to be against factory farming. Just support local and organic farmers, rather than corporations like Tysons, BPI, and Smithfield.. But there are plenty of things you could do for your project to bring awareness to this issue...

Being at work all day as fried my brain out from specific ideas...

But I think it would be incredibly awesome for your group to focus on a form of animal OTHER than dog/cat. Why? People are well aware that dogs and cats are abused daily. BUT, they are not as aware of the crimes commited against farm animals, sea life, ect.

Unfair animal cruelty?

Unfair animal cruelty?

Want to help?

Then contact your local animal shelter or rescue group and VOLUNTEER! Easy as that!

I feel the same, but I do as much as I can. I volunteer with my local animal rescue. And I try to bring awareness to the farm animal mistreatment problem...

If you know little about factory farming and farm animal abuse, I suggest you look it up. While domestic pet abuse is the most widely discussed animal abuse.. Factory farming and farm animal abuse happens just as much (if not more), and right under everyone's noses. Seriously.

When I was 14-18, I had no clue that the Tyson's chicken houses up the road from me were practicing such cruel methods of GROWING (not farming) birds.

animal cruelty?

animal cruelty?

For really in-depth information, try searching 'animal abuse' on Google or Dogpile. For some quick information:

1. For every abuser, there's a different reason. Most have mental problems, and those who are caught and convicted are often mandated to have psychiatric treatment. It is well known that many people who abuse animals go on to harm humans, as well.

2. Among the punishments are jail time, fines, mandated psychiatric treatment, and being banned from ever owning an animal or being around animals.

3. Some abused animals are so badly hurt that the best thing is euthanasia. For those who can be rehabilitated, adequate food, gentle handling, and patience work wonders. But that's just the beginning.

4. Dog fights, and cock fights, are 'contests' in which two dogs (or roosters) who have been trained to be agressive are put in a pen to fight each other for the amusement (!) of humans. It only ends when one animal is dead or so badly injured that he can't fight anymore. Fortunately, as of last week, this is illegal nationwide.

5. The Humane Society of the United States or the ASPCA would probably have statistics on that.

6. The two mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Locally, the Catskill Animal Sanctuary is working to raise awareness of abused farm animals.

7. Research the problem, contact local abuse prevention groups, and volunteer to help out.

8. You can call the police, or the local shelter. Call ahead of time and find out who you can contact any time, day or night, and keep that phone number handy.

9. As with the stats on how many are abused, HSUS and ASPCA are good sources of information.

Thanks for caring!

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