Beans and Bacon Days on July, 2024: Is it unhealthy to have a bacon sandwich most mornings?

Beans and Bacon Days 2024. Augusta Wisconsin Bean and Bacon Days 2008 Handout archive Archive of Augusta Wisconsin's Beans and Bacon Days Bean and Bacon Handout

Is it unhealthy to have a bacon sandwich most mornings?

Bacon is high in fat and generally high in salt. Indulging in it every day is probably not a good idea.

Also, many sources recommend that you don't eat eggs every day, either.

Can you season dried beans with turkey bacon?

Can you season dried beans with turkey bacon?

Dried beans should be soaked in cold water over night.

Next day, drain the water and rinse the beans.

Then use the turkey bacon, chop it up with some onion and saute until golden brown.

Then proceed with your bean soup recipe. The turkey bacon drippings and flavor with "season" your soup.

When and why did baked beans become part of a traditional English breakfast?

When and why did baked beans become part of a traditional English breakfast?

Having baked beans for breakfast is a distinctly British thing. Americans (and conservative older Britons) are always complaining about it. Yet Americans add syrup to bacon, which shows that breakfast habits are a matter of acquired taste.

The addition of beans to the full English breakfast seems to have occurred round about the same time that Heinz launched a famous 1967 TV advertising campaign ("Beanz Meanz Heinz"). Traditional English breakfast recipes before the 1960s include stuff like tomatoes (and kippers!) but not beans.

Heinz is an American company, but oddly enough its famous Baked Beans originated in the UK, where they are today regarded as part of the national culture. They are different from American beans, as the UK beans are mushier and less sweet.

Heinz was one of several American consumer goods companies that expanded into Britain in the 1920s, along with the likes of Kellogs, Hoover and other household names today. The first Heinz baked beans factory was opened in Britain in 1928. Baked beans were already a widespread and popular snack food by the 1950s. A second, even bigger factory was opened in Wigan in 1959.

Heinz supposedly launched its 1960s ad campaign after research showed that 1,750,000 British housewives bought Heinz baked beans everyday. So presumably plenty of people must already have been scoffing beans with breakfast by then.

But beans with a full English breakfast only seems to have become standard after the 1960s ad campaign, which is today acknowledged as one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history (In 2000 the slogan "Beanz Meanz Heinz" was voted the best ad slogan ever in the UK). One of the ads featured the following jingle:

You can't have stew for breakfast.

You can't have porridge for tea.

But we have Heinz beans at any time.

My brother John and me.

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