Sports Cliché Week on July, 2024: I'm going to High School in two weeks. Any advice?

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I’m going to High School in two weeks. Any advice?

1. Be yourself, it’s cliché buts it’s also TRUE. Don’t forget that your entering high school as an independent person and will leave high school that very same way; so don’t let anyone’s problem interfere with you and your life (socially and academically)

2. MAKE SURE; you go to your school’s orientation. Unless you have an emergency it’s not something that you should miss out on. They will tell you everything that you need to know. You might also receive: school schedules, class schedules, maps, sign-ups, and information about the school itself.

IF you miss it then please call the school to try and get these things a little earlier so that you don’t run into problems the first day of school.

3. It’s good to have your own style and as you move up, you will realize that. But if your still a little concerned about common styles in high school, here are some:

Shorts – especially during the summer (beginning of school year)

Cami with Cardigan - same, during summer.

flip flops - summer

Skinny jeans

Hollister, Aero, AE, A&F etc.

Plaid tops

Uggs – during winter


Vans, Converse, Nike

Although, I commonly advise one to use their own sense of fashion.

4. Choose the right classes; DO NOT choose a class that you know you can’t handle (such as AP or honors) you will regret it. You might end up failing the class and not get credit; and it can literally destroy your GPA which is pretty tough to bring up. –Try to go for what you can handle, you don’t want to put a lot of stress on yourself during your first year of high school, because you have 3 more years of it.

5. Focus on your grade and don’t procrastinate, that is another thing you will regret near graduation time.

6. BE INVOLVED; Join an extracurricular that you enjoy. Not only will it keep you busy but you might end up making a ton of friends. Or try community service if you want to get that out of the way, if you reach up to a certain amount of hours then you have a better chance at getting a scholarship.

7. Hang with the right crowd and stay away from DRAMA; it comes in all directions so just WATCH OUT.

8. SCHOOL SUPPLIES; It’s best to wait until school starts but I know how stores can run out of stuff easily before school starts, and their deals end quickly. Just try and get the basics. Teachers will say you need highlighters, glue, markers and all that stuff BUT really you don’t . . . its good to keep them at home for projects though.

Here are the basics:




Binder or Folder (I recommend a folder for each class unless the teacher specifically says a binder)


which sporting activity?

which sporting activity?

ultimate frisbee

great participation sport

everyone has fun

which sporting activity?

which sporting activity?

How about warm up exercises? You could show the importance of being properly warmed up to play sport, possibly highlighting potential injuries if you are not, such as pulled hamstrings etc.

Picking one specific sport might alienate some people and may also take time explaining the rules.

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