Buffet Day 2025 is on Thursday, January 2, 2025: Anybody go to a buffet for Mothers Day?

Thursday, January 2, 2025 is Buffet Day 2025. National Buffet Day - Fun Food Holidays for January @ CDKitchen 2nd is National Buffet Day

Buffet Day

Everyone loves a buffet, so imagine getting an entire day devoted to 1! Buffet Day is all about hosting or attending a buffet of epic proportions – have a table spread with sufficient food to help keep you full for an entire day, and fascinating enough to create eating all day long exciting and fun!

Anybody go to a buffet for Mothers Day?

I love buffets. 32.00 A PERSON!!!????? OMG!!!!! I've only ever payed like 8.50 a person. It better have everything for 32.00 and i mean everything!! And it better be cooked right in front of my face fresh!!! And served to me!!!


But anyways I love buffets. Having 2 small children and a husband who eats a lot they are more convient and cheap.

My favorite ones here in San Antonio and I pay under $30 for me, husband and two kids are:


Golden Carrol

Super Asian Buffet


China Harbor


Mr Gatti's (i never spend more than $30 here including games)

CiCi's Pizza (its like 5.00 a person and my kids are free)

Is Hometown Buffet open on Labor Day?

Is Hometown Buffet open on Labor Day?

You should call hometown buffet to ask if the restaurant is open in your area. But Hometown Buffet is usually open on Labor Day. Hope this helps.

STARWALK BUFFET holiday day ????

STARWALK BUFFET holiday day ????

sorry i missed it. i hope you enjoyed the buffet.

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