Happy Mew Year Day For Cats Day 2025 is on Thursday, January 2, 2025: Did you know today is Happy Mew Year for Cat's day?

Thursday, January 2, 2025 is Happy Mew Year Day For Cats Day 2025. ULTRA® Official Videos - Celebrate New Year's With ULTRA‎ This Year Don't Resolve. Evolve.

Happy Mew Year Day For Cats Day

Any cat owner will explain that felines consider themselves to become far, far better than us mere mortals. They most definitely feel titled and worthy of everything existence needs to offer, so why wouldn't you possess a Happy Mew Year Day For Cats Day only for them?Such as the greatly inferior human form of New Year’s Day, it's on valentine's day our feline buddies can feet (have it?) and think about the ‘mewness’ from the completely new season and every one of the purrfect options it holds. Possibly this is the entire year their people start providing them with food tinned food rather than dry? Maybe that tomcat nearby can make his move? Will the useless dog understand the cat rules within this house? Each one of these questions and much more could be considered by our furry kitties today when they start their normal business of searching aloof and disinterested. In the end, don’t you will know felines rule and dogs drool?

Did you know today is Happy Mew Year for Cat’s day?

by stroking it

WOULD YOU LIKE TO WISH my kitten a happy b-day. she;s a year old today her?

WOULD YOU LIKE TO WISH my kitten a happy b-day. she;s a year old today her?

Happy birthday, kitty cat!..and merry Catmas, and a happy mew year!

Cat insurance for Diabetes?

Cat insurance for Diabetes?


it would be too late for insurance as far as i know but

Why is your cat in the hospital? Are there ketones present? If not, there is no reason for youir cat to be there. The vet should teach you about insulin shots, what to watch for and send you home with her. There is alot you should lear about treating this. You need to be proactive and learn as this is one disease where many vets will diasagree on the way to treat. It should cost you when things settle 40-50 a month if you do things the right way. Here is some info and links. I have alot of ecperience with this so don't hesitate emailing mew with questions

Diabetes is not a death sentence, no life span lost and your cat can live a long happy life as long as you treat this disease. This is very treatable .

That said; It is very important to check for ketones. You can buy ketodiastic regent strips at the pharmacy to check the urine for ketones. They can become serious quickly and need immediate vet attention.

Regulation takes time and cannot be done at the vet’s office. There are people here whose cats have not been regulated for a year. That doesn't mean they are not doing well.

The problem with diabetes is that you can go to 30 different vets and get 30 different treatments. Working with your vet is very important but it will be your knowledge and learning that will be your cat’s best asset. The way most people would recommend to give insulin is to start with no more than 1 or 2 units 2x daily. Your cat may need more but by doing it this way you won't risk passing the correct dose, which can cause the glucose to go higher instead of lower and you have less of a risk for a hypoglycemic attack.

One thing lots of people do here is hometest their cats bg's using a human glucometer. It doesn't hurt (neither do the shots) and it will let you know if it is safe to give insulin and give you the information to treat your cat properly. Stress can raise the blood glucose more than 100 points so the glucose numbers at home may be significantly less and more accurate then the numbers the vet gets as it can be stressful for your cat at the vet’s office.

. I think it is the most important tool in treating this disease.

I had problems with testing in the beginning thinking that it wasn’t worth it to my cat, ie, quality of life but boy was I wrong. My cat purrs through the whole process. Test your cat before every shot.

Assuming there are no other health problems it is recommended to feed a low carb high protein diet.. If there aren't any health issues, I recommend you feed canned food with less that 10% carbs. Cats are carnivores and dry food lacks the moisture a cat needs and normally gets when eating. Dry food is NOT better for a cat’s teeth and a dry food diet may cause other problems down the line. Vet prescription foods for diabetes hold no value and is not better then commercially available canned foods. Save your money.

. There are cats here whose diabetes is diet controlled on a low carb diet without giving insulin.

. I can’t stress enough how important it is that your cat eats. That is the number 1 thing. The change of foods from dry to wet can and should be gradual and as I said it is very important that your cat eats, so if he won't eat low carb foods, you can work around that. If your cat will only eat dry foods, so be it. There are cats here regulated on higher carbed foods. Your insulin needs may be lower if you use low carbed foods. Here's a list that shows the breakdown in different foods.

I know I may be overloading you with information, but I promise that things will get easier as time goes by. It sounds scary but it really will be ok and it will soon become routine for you. Please let us know what type of insulin and how much, how many times a day when you have that information so we may help you further. I am going to include a few links to read so you may become more knowledgeable. Please don't expect to absorb everything all at once. Good Luck

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