Build A Better Image Week on September, 2024: Building my own website?

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Building my own website?

Building your own web site can be easy or hard. It's like drawing a picture. You can take 10 minutes and draw a sketch of something crappy. Or you can take a month and draw it, redraw it, then finalize it. It all depends on how you want your picture to look at the end. This being said, you also need the skills required for designing a web site. You can also buy templates and implement your own web site into the design by using web sites like

If you really want to know how to make your own web site, this is what you need to determine:

1) How much time do I have to spend on my web site? You should understand that even professional designers usually take a few days to a week to design / produce web sites.

2) Can I afford any design programs? This is important because design programs are not only helpful, but necessary. You could use MS Paint, but I beg you not to.

3) How good am I with computers? This will determine whether you need a program to convert your design to an actual web site.

So here is a basic process you can follow if you want to try it:


-Software: Adobe Dreamweaver (Recommended for converting Design to HTML), Adobe Photoshop (Recommended for making design) or (Purchase designs)

-Web Hosting: Who will I have host my web site? Can I afford a web host?

- Domain Name Registration: Is my domain name available?

-What kind of web site am I making? Does this website inform people, sell things, persuade people, or entertain people? This will help you along the way to determine what content your web site should have.

Step 1:


Design Phase: I normally start off with the purpose of the site, goals, and a general flow chart. The flow chart should outline the pages that the website will consist of and what the content on those pages should be. General rule, plan to have all pages content accessible within 3 clicks, preferrably 2, from the home page or anywhere on the web site. Once the flow chart is complete, move to the actual design. Start making the web site in your image editing program.

Step 2:


Once your design is complete, move to slicing or converting the image to an html page. This can be very complicated depending on how your design is. This is where dreamweaver comes in or Photoshops slicing feature is helpful. Slicing is great for beginners, but more advanced users, in my opinion, should learn how to convert a web design without using slices, as it can save image size and quality as well as page functionality. Once this design is converted, go through and add all the content to each page. Dont forget the header tag areas such as the page title.

Step 3: Upload

Once yoru web site has content and is ready to go online, register with your web host. You will need to login using FTP to upload the files. I recommend using a program like SmartFTP.

Step 4: Review your web site.

What is a good digital camera for a teen?

What is a good digital camera for a teen?

You have lots of options.

Sonys are not bad, but generally they cost more and the memory stick costs more. Stay away from HP (poor lenses and flimsy build), Polaroid (bankruptcy has put them behind the digital curve), Samsung (better choices for the same money) and any name you've never heard of.

Canon makes very good cameras at good prices. They have several models under $250 that are well thought of and durable. Look at Nikon, Olympus, Kodak, and maybe Fuji, although Fuji also has a memory card that is a bit more costly. I have had a Nikon, Olympus and Canon. I shoot Nikon film cameras, but actually liked the Olympus and Canon better in digital.

Most cameras have at least 4 or 5 megapixels or more. That will be plenty. Look for optical zoom (good) and ignore digital zoom (useless, degrades image quality)

Budget for a bigger memory card. Sometimes cameras are on sale with a larger card included. You will need at least a 256mb, 512, or 1G. This week, my lab has a 1G on sale for $24.99. so be sure to look for a good deal.

Finally, read your camera manual. Learn what the settings are and how they affect your pictures. Buy a book on beginning photography, Kodak used to have a good one.

The take pictures and have fun!

What are good exercises to build leg muscle besides squats..

What are good exercises to build leg muscle besides squats..

leg press (where you push the weight up)

i hate legs pop and it hurts and im to short and its weird...i cant do it right...i could do them at first....but i cant anymore for some odd reason

so 45 degree LEG PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

those things blasted my quads in a few weeks....i can do 860 6 times for 3 sets...i started doing 600 4 times for 3 sets and that was 4 weeks ago!!!

my quads grew a few inches

man you need to do it...unless its just me...cuz they say its not as effective as squats cuz they work like everything (lower back, abs, quads, hamstrings, blah blah blah) and then leg press is just for quads

but nothing a few heavy sets of leg pressing, some heavy stiff legged deadlifts cant fix!!!!!!!!!!!!

but yeah

just thought you should know

man i need to get offa those protein shakes...i feel fucking loopy

ooo yeah i forgot calves

well squats dont work calves

if you want to work them do standing calve raises with a bar on your shoulders filled with weight...try to do it on a smith machine if possible its alot easier

and sitting calve raises

and 45 degree leg press calve raises

do like 2 sets of each at 6-8 reps and your setttttt

edit- lol oh yeah you work out at home dont you???well idk if you have a smith machine...

well this is one

its kind of a bootlegged picture.. but it like holds the bar in place and guides it so you dont kill yourself...also makes it easier to do things

and for sitting calve raises...this can be kinda difficult to explain

so ill just give you websites....this is the machine thing

this is if you do it like on your own

they both do the same things just that the one without the machine youll need dumbells

and a chair instead of the ball...and something to put under your feet like your toe part kinda hard to explain again

so that you get a full stretch of the muscle make sure its high enough so you can make your heel not be able to touch the floor

you go all the way down with your feet then all the way back up

god hope i explained this welll and you understand it...cuz i didnt know how to explain it

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