Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week on September, 2024: Does substitute teaching bring in steady income?

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Does substitute teaching bring in steady income?

First off, if you are a certified teacher at any state, most districts will let you work. You will have to do the paper work to transfer your license or certification. Second, late July is not too late to look for a position because most districts have a teaching shortage so it is not that hard to find a permanent position. The real question is do you want to work for that school or district. Remember any permanent position still beats any substitute position in pay and benefits.

I only recommend substitute jobs for people who are interested in getting into teaching or for someone who doesn't really need a permanent job (like for a retiree or a stay at home mom). Substitute jobs pay about 1.5 to 2 times the minimum pays of the area, and there are no benefits like health insurance, sick days, etc. Long-term sub positions where a school can hire you to essentially do the job of a regular teacher pays a little more, but you are still on the hourly basis.

So to answer your question:

1) Yes, most districts are on some automated calling service. If not, then there are something of an equivalent to be able to contact you in the early mornings when teachers start calling in sick.

2) There are no restrictions for subbing for more than one district. You work hourly, or non-exempt status. Most districts allow you to request what days that you want to be available for work. Some districts may require you to accept a minimum number of sub days for you to maintain your job status. For example, if you do not accept 5 sub workdays in a month when the system has been calling you most days in that month, then the system could remove you all together. And you have to do the paperwork to be considered again.

3) The only restrictions that I know for subs are usually a minimum number of college credits, which is why college students make good subs. Also, you have to pass a drug test and a police check.

4) Regular work depends on the district. Large districts should have no problems having a need for subs because enough teachers get sick or go on training, etc. Small districts may not provide regular work.

5) The only advice for you to be a good sub is to follow the directions given to you, and use your best judgement when directions are unclear. Teachers always appreciate some sort of note from the sub about how things went.

6) Good authoritative subs are hard to find or non-existent. You certainly get very little appreciation, because you become the last thing on the principals mind. Students in the US today don't have too much respect, and they certainly don't respect subs.

But on the good side, the job is flexible. And you can get a new class pretty much every day so you won't get bored. You can also turn down work if you don't like the school, etc.

My drama teacher is being a real.. Bizzitch.?

My drama teacher is being a real.. Bizzitch.?

what I see from this is a passionate creative person who wears their heart on their sleeve..meaning you. To admit you were tired and cranky is lovely and honest. Thing is you have come into contact with a similar person who wears their heart on their sleeve and is creative and upfront - but unfortunately carries the bully traits and has gone into drama teaching. Ouch. The fact she is so melodramatic and manipulative betrays her obvious inexperience and youth. Horrible for you as you probs have no choice in teacher. For an immediate fix become the master of stage whisper and stand up humour - not against her but to further your skills and inadvertently protect yourself.

ok tiny example coming up but nevertheless..(forgive me for substituting names and so on but..)

play in a community band and percussion section is a capable teenage guy and quite camp but he does not suffer fools:

In recent weeks he handled a situation so remarkably for a 15 or so year old I was inwardly proud.

MD you look extremely dapper tonight or you've had a fight with a tea cloth

Him: thanks sir, glad to see you didn't upstage me sir

later on:

MD: you didn't blow the whistle in the right place in the music .. (etc)

Him: I blew and I blew but I couldn't blow the whistle down sir (dadpan)

brilliant.. and raised mirth and appreciation...

hope at least this makes you step back and smile a bit..keep your esteem and dignity and yet keep an ironic eye out there as a dramatist. x sj

Has anyone implemented Ron Clark’s rules for elementary students?

Has anyone implemented Ron Clark's rules for elementary students?

Try implementing 1-2 a week, and see what works for you. Also, do not forget to let your students' families and school administration know what you are attempting to do.

The Essential 55:

When responding to any adult, you must answer by saying, "Yes ma'am" or "No sir." Just nodding your head or saying any other form of yes or no is not acceptable.

Make eye contact. When someone is speaking, keep your eyes on him or her at all times. If someone makes a comment, turn and face that person.

Answer all written questions with a complete sentence. For example, if the question asks, "What is the capital of New Jersey?" you should respond by writing, "The capital of New Jersey is Trenton."

Agendas will be written in and signed each day with NO exceptions.

When you enter the classroom in the morning you need to have everything with you for the day. We will not be going back and forth to our lockers. Come in, and do your morning assignment quietly.

During an assembly, do not speak and do not look around and try to get the attention of your friends in other classes. We must uphold an image that shows we have our act together!

You will make every effort to be as organized as possible.

When you answer the phone, you must do so in an appropriate manner. Please answer the classroom phone by saying, "Good morning, Mrs. Walker's room how may I help you?"

When in a line, walk single file, two to three feet behind the person in front of you with your arms at your sides. You should face forward at all times. There will be absolutely no talking. Remember we are NOT IN A PARADE!!!

Remember that Mrs. Walker loves hugs and high-fives!

When we ride on a bus, we will always sit facing forward. We will never turn around to talk to other students, stick anything out of the windows, or get out of our seats. When we exit the bus, we will always thank the driver and tell them to have a good day.

When we are on a field trip, there will be no talking as we enter a building. We will enter the building so quietly that no one will even notice that we are there. This rule applies to entering any place where people are gathered, whether it be an assembly, the movies, a theater, or any other venue.

Always say thank you when you are given something. If you do not (within three seconds) I reserve the right to take the item back. There is no excuse for not showing appreciation.

When I assign homework, there will be no moaning or complaining. I assign homework to reinforce concepts taught in class. Please ask for help if you don't understand the assignment and remember it's YOUR job to check your mailbox for the assignment. If you don't have the homework in your mailbox you must ask me for an additional copy BEFORE you leave!!

When we read together in class, you must follow along. If I call on you to read, you must know exactly where we are and begin reading immediately.

Do NOT ask, "Is it time for recess?" or "Are we going outside for recess?" I am very aware of the daily schedule and there may be times when recess isn't going to be in the plans.

While you are with a substitute teacher, you will obey the same rules that you follow when I am with you (I know it's hard, but it's very important).

When you are given something from someone, never insult that person by making negative comments about the gift or by insinuating that it wasn't appreciated.

Focus on your school work. What you do in 12 years is used to define the future that you'll have after school is over. Make your choices wisely. Boys and girls will always be there, but that information that you're taught is only done once!!

No matter what the circumstances, always be honest. Even if you've done something wrong, it is best to admit it to me, because I will respect that, and oftentimes I will forget any disciplinary measures because of your honesty.

If I or any other teacher in the school is speaking to or disciplining a student, do not look at that student. You wouldn't want others looking at you if you were in trouble or being reprimanded, so don't look at others in that situation.

Whenever you are offered food, whether it be on a buffet or treats in class, never take more than your fair share. You never want to be greedy and try to get more than you should, not only because it's wasteful, but also because it's disrespectful to others when you do not leave enough for them. If there's enough for seconds you will be informed. Otherwise, be happy with the amount that you received.

We will follow certain classroom protocols. We will be organized, efficient, and on task. In order to do so, we will follow these rules: A) Do not get out of your seat without permission (unless you're sick-- leave immediately) B) Do not speak unless: you raise your hand and I call on you, I ask a question and you're responding, it's recess or lunch, or I instruct you otherwise.

At times throughout the year, I will give rewards for good behavior, academic performances, and other acts worthy of praise. If you ever ask me for a reward, however, it will not be given.

You may bring a water bottle and leave it on your desk. Don't ask me if you can get water while I'm teaching a lesson.

At the end of the day we will thoroughly clean the floors of the room, put up our chairs and clean the commons area. If the room does not get cleaned we will spend part of our recess time the following school day cleaning.

When you cough or sneeze or burp, it is appropriate to turn your head away from others and cover your mouth with the full part of your hand. Afterward, you should say, "Excuse me."

Do not smack your lips, "tsk," roll your eyes, or show disrespect with gestures.

When we are in transition from one subject to the other, the change will be swift, quiet, and orderly.

If someone in the class wins a game or does something well, we will congratulate that person. Claps should be given with enthusiasm.

If you win or do well at something, do not brag. If you lose, do not show anger. Instead say something like, "I really enjoyed the competition, and I look forward to playing you again," or "Good game," or don't say anything at all. Negative comments only show weakness.

If you are asked a question in conversation, you should ask a question in return. It is only polite to show others that you are just as interested in them as they are in you.

Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness. Go out of your way to do something surprisingly kind and generous for someone at least once a month.

Occasionally we grade each other's papers as a group. When grading other students' papers, if you give someone an incorrect grade, whether it is higher or lower than they deserve, the amount the grade differs from the actual grade will be deducted from your paper. The only marks you are allowed to make on others' papers are an "X" and the number they got incorrect.

After we eat, we will clean up after ourselves. This includes cleaning off the tables and making sure we haven't left any trash on the floor or around the eating area.

Quickly learn the names of other teachers in the school and greet them by saying things like, "Good morning, Mrs. Brower," or "Good afternoon, Mrs. Cherry." NOTE-- if you are in line with the rest of the class, you are not allowed to speak to the teachers at that time because the no talking rule is in effect.

We will often have visitors to our school. If someone is coming to visit our class, I will send two students to the front door of the building. You will have a sign welcoming the person. When our visitor arrives, you will shake hands, tell him or her who you are, and welcome that person to our school.

Do not save seats in the lunchroom. If someone wants to sit down, let him or her. Do not try to exclude anyone. We are a family, and we must treat one another with respect and kindness.

If you have a question about your homework, you may call me. If I am not there to answer the phone, please leave me a message in the following manner: "Hi, Mrs. Walker, this is ________________. I need help with the _______________ homework. You can call me back until __________:00. Here's my phone number ______________. Thank you." There is no reason to leave this message fourteen times. You may also e-mail me (up to 9pm) and I can respond to you there. You should e-mail me at

Whether we are in school or on a field trip, if someone drops something, pick it up and hand it back to them. Even if they're closer to the object, it is only polite to make the gesture of bending down to retrieve the item.

If you approach a door and someone is following you, hold the door. If the door opens by pulling, pull it open, stand to the side, and allow the other person to pass through first, then you can walk through. If the door opens by pushing, hold the door after you pass through.

If someone bumps into you, even if it was not your fault, say, "Excuse me."

Never cut line. If someone cuts in front of you, do not say or do anything about it. Let it happen, but let me know about it. I will handle the situation. Please handle all disputes with other classmates in the same manner, by coming to me with problems before you take matters into your own hands.

If anyone in this school is bothering you, let me know. I am your teacher, and I am here to look after you and protect you. I am not going to let anyone in this school bully you or make you feel uncomfortable. In return, I ask that you not take matters into your own hands; let me deal with that student.

Stand up for what you believe in. You shouldn't take no for an answer if your heart and mind are leading you in a direction that you feel strongly about.

Be positive and enjoy life. Some things aren't worth getting upset over. Keep everything in perspective and focus on the good things in your life.

Live so you don't have any regrets. If there's something that you want to do, do it! Never let fear, doubt, or other obstacles stand in your way.

Accept that you are going to make mistakes. Learn from them and then move on.

Carpe diem (seize the day). You only life once, so don't waste it.

Be the best person you can be.

Know that there's only one of you. No one else in the world is exactly like you. Embrace all that you are and love yourself unconditionally.

Never be afraid to share your feelings. There will be times when you just need to vent and get things off your chest. Know that I am always here for you.

Always give 100% to everything that you do. You never know when someone is watching you and forming an opinion of you.

Be a friend to others that you'd want to have for yourself.

When you get older and times get tough, remember that I'm always here. When you feel that you have no one to turn to, you've always got me.

Good Luck....

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