Campfire Girls Day 2025 is on Monday, March 17, 2025: Birthday party for 6, 14 year old girls?

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Birthday party for 6, 14 year old girls?

Party Food For Teenage Girls: Keep the food simple. Pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs are still a popular staple at this age. It’s best to check with guests in advance to see if there are any allergies or dietary restrictions. For example, one of your guests may be a vegetarian, so if you are ordering pizza, be sure to order some without meat. Make sure to keep lots of snacks available as the evening rolls on. Instead of a cake, consider having each person decorate their own cupcake. Have 2-3 different icings and a variety of toppings.

Party Games and Activities

•Make a birthday scrapbook. Get a scrapbook kit and give each guest a page to create for the birthday girl. Assuming someone will have a camera and will be taking pictures throughout the party, have everyone keep a blank space open so a picture of them can be inserted when the film is printed.

•Most girls love jewelry. Get a jewelry-making kit and let each girl make a piece of jewelry. Not only is it fun, but they’ll have a keepsake to remember your party with. Another keepsake idea is to get plain white T-shirts and decorate them with fabric paint.

•Games are always fun. Twister can bring a ton of laughs to a party. Limbo is another crowd pleaser. You might consider playing freeze dance. Put on some music and have everyone dance. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze in whatever position they are in. Anyone who moves is out.

•Even at this age, balloons can still be fun. Have everyone blow up a balloon. Be sure everyone takes their shoes off, then give each guest a piece of thread and have them tie the balloon around their ankles. The object of the game is to stomp on everyone else’s balloons. Whoever is the last person with a balloon left tied around their ankle wins!

Playlist. ( april 2012)

Kelly Clarkson Stronger

David Guetta Turn Me On feat. Nicki Minaj

Adele Set Fire To The Rain

The Wanted Glad You Came

Gym Class Heroes Back Home feat. Neon Hitch

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Jessie J Domino

Pitbull International Love feat. Chris Brown

Flo Rida Good Feeling

Wiz Khalifa & Snoop … Young, Wild, And Free feat. Bruno Mars

Fun We Are Young feat. Janelle Monae

Drake Take Care feat. Rihanna

Rihanna We Found Love feat. Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris Feel So Close

Outasight Tonight Is The Night

Nicki Minaj Starships

Flo Rida Wild Ones feat. Sia

Chris Brown Turn Up The Music

Bruno Mars It Will Rain

Lmfao Sexy And I Know It

Gavin Degraw Not Over You

What Makes You Beautiful

Karmin Brokenhearted

Train Drive By

Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger feat. Christina Aguilera

Katy Perry The One That Got Away

David Guetta Without You feat. Usher

Lmfao Party Rock Anthem feat. Lauren Bennett & …

Selena Gomez Love You Like A Love Song

B.O.B So Good

Cobra Starship You Make Me Feel… feat. Sabi

Gym Class Heroes Stereo Hearts feat. Adam Levine

Pitbull Give Me Everything ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, &…

Christina Perri A Thousand Years

Coldplay Princess of China feat. Rihanna

Adele Rumour Has It

Gotye Somebody That I Used To Know

Rihanna Talk That Talk feat. Jay-Z

Jason Derulo Breathing

Adele Someone Like You

campfire, well story?

campfire, well story?

Hmm... I can't really remember, but it sounds like one that I know. A little girl (I'll call her 'madison', though I can't for the life of me remember the original name I heard) moved to connecticut with her dad while her mom went to Europe on a business trip. Her dad's house was really old, and there was an old well in the back yard.

She went out to explore the well outside, and she heard a voice coming from it. It said it was another little girl who had fallen into the well and died, and it asked the Madison if she knew how to read. Madison said yes, and the voice in the well giggled. It asked her to read a story, because it hadn't heard a bedtime story if years.

So Madison did, and came back the next day to read another. After she finished that day, the little girl told her to wait by the well. Then, a few shiny pennies flew out of the well and landed in Madison's hands. The girl told her that for every day she would come to read her a story, she would give Madison a shiny penny.

Can you tell this story was from the fifties? 'I'll bribe you with a shiny penny'? It sounds like my Grandma ... you might want to change it to a toy or something, so they wouldn't get hung up over why you would want a penny. Anyhoo, back to the story:

So that continued for a few months, everyday Madison would read Well Girl a story, and then Well Girl would toss her a penny. Then, one day, Well girl asked Madison if she would read her a story the well girl picked out. Madison agreed. So out of the well was tossed a book, and Maddie started to read. And when she finished, upon uttering the last word, she felt herself drawn into the well, and was soon trapped there forever.

Yeah, not that scary ... but it scares the crap out of you when you're four =D I'm still not sure what the moral of the story is ... don't trust children in Talking Wells? Anyway, hope that helped :)

POLL: scary campfire stories,?

POLL: scary campfire stories,?

Bonfire nights at the beach are awesome. :)

Once upon a time there was a girl named Alice, she was 12 years old pale skin, bright blue eyes & beautiful blonde hair. One day when she went to the beach with her parents she saw something shining in the water she followed it, but as she followed it it seemed to get further and further away from her deeper and deeper into the water, she seemed to be en tranced with it unable to take her eyes away not noticing the water getting deeper and deeper around her. By the time she realized it was too late the sea threw her back and forth she tried to swim away but couldn't, she eventually gave up and was engulfed by the Sea. Some say you can still here her voice singing in the wind.

Alice, Alice won't you love me?

Alice, Alice I died in the Sea.

Alice, Alice, wont you come play with me?

Alice, Alice you don't want to make me angry.

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