"Well-Elderly Day 2025 is on Monday, March 17, 2025: Elderly Day - Help me?! (Food GCSE)?

Monday, March 17, 2025 is "Well-Elderly Day 2025. SarahCare Adult Day Care Stimulating Activities & Structured Program in Jenkintown, PA

Help me?! (Food GCSE)?

Well, elderly are vulnerable to Confusion, so they might add sugar instead of salt or get ingredients wrong, or even forget their meal times?

Ahem...I'm not even an elderly but once put salt in the tea [it was an accident! I was dopey that day... - do NOT put this part in your homework. It will embarrass me.]

Another thing - elderly people have health problems, difficulty with many tasks, so they are also susceptible to injuries , so they need someone to help out.

That's all I can think of for now, but I hope this helps.


I live with my boyfreind at his grandmothers

I live with my boyfreind at his grandmothers. His grandma is a control freak and she treats me like a child y?

well elderly people can have funny ways, its her place, so basically she can do what she likes, I suggest you and your boyfriend find your own place to live, you are certainly old enough to look after yourself ... ... ... ..

Need to ask some questions about Honduras?

Need to ask some questions about Honduras?

Im from San Pedro Sula, the industrial capitol of Honduras

1. Well, in Honduras, usually the father/husband works and is the major economical support, while the mother/wife is in-charge of cleaning the house, cooking, the raise of the children ect, But now at day, both mother and father work. The children, their only role is to study, but in some poor families they also work.

2. Social norms? Well, elderly people and pregnant women are respected and treated better, Sundays is usually the day in which people rest, not screaming in public, be respectful to others even if they don't deserve, giving charity to poor people, always ask for a bill etc

3.Newspapers like La Prensa, which has a online source ( ) and El Tiempo, magazines like 'El click', Cromos, Estilo, etc. Advertising on billboards

4. Usually about politics, economy and soccer.

5. Both women and men work, but in some cases, they give more preference to men, but that's against the law, that will be counted as sexual discrimination.

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