Candelmas 2025 is on Sunday, February 2, 2025: Atheists and theists alike: Would you ever get married on a beach

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Atheists and theists alike: Would you ever get married on a beach

I would have loved to have gotten married on a beach, with all due honor to do you pronounce that?

I am a pagan Witch and we got married outside, on Candelmas, with trees and birds and flowers everywhere.

Bright Blessings,

Lady Morgana

PS the guys who are answering this question are hot for you, and I don't blame them. You are hot, sister!

Old-English names for plants and herbs?

Old-English names for plants and herbs?

Apparently I forgot my sources before....

Ok, I think I have an answer for you.

Actually, I'll give you a complete list, but first I'll start with your list. I couldn't find anything about wool of bat.

Eye of Newt: Mustard Seed

Tongue of Dog: Hound's Tongue

Toe Of Frog: Supposedly Bulbous Buttercup Leaves

The Rest of Them:

Adders Fork:-- Adders tongue

Adders Tongue - Dogstooth Violet

An Eagle:-- Wild Garlic

Ass's Foot:-- Coltsfoot

Bat's Wings:-- Holly

Bear's Foot:-- Lady's Mantle

Bird's Eye - Germander Speedwell

Black Maidenhair:-- Black Spleenwort

Black Sampson:-- Echinacea

Blood from a Head:-- Lupine.

Blood from a Shoulder:-- Bear's Breeches

Blood Leather:-- Reindeer Moss/Rock Tripe/Caribou Lichen

Blood of a Goose:-- A Mulberry Tree's Milk.

Blood of an Eye:-- Tamarisk Gall.

Blood of Ares:-- Purslane

Blood of Hephaistos:-- Wormwood

Blood of Hestia:-- Camomile

Blood:-- Elder sap or another tree sap

Bloodwort:-- Yarrow

Bone of an Ibis:-- Buckthorn

Bread and Cheese Tree:-- Hawthorne. Whitethorn, Hazels,

Bull's Blood:-- Horehound

Bull's Foot: - Coltsfoot

Burning Bush:-- Fraxinella, Bastard, or False/White Dittany

Calf's Snout:-- Snapdragon

Candelmas Maiden:-- Snowdrop

Capon's Tail:-- Valerian.

Cat's Foot - Canada Snake Root or Ground Ivy

Cheeses:-- Marsh Mallow

Chocolate Flower:-- Wild Geranium

Christ's Eye:-- Vervain Sage

Christ's Ladder:-- Centaury, Centaury Gentian, Century Red Centaury

Clear Eye:-- Clary Sage

Click:-- Goosegrass

Clot:-- Great Mullein

Corpse Plant:-- Indian Pipe. Fungus

Courtesy:---Summer Wind

Crowdy Kit:-- Figwort

Crow's Foot:-- Wild Geranium

Cuckoo's Bread:-- Common Plantain

Cucumber Tree:-- Magnolia

Cuddy's Lungs:-- Great Mullein

Daphne:-- Laurel/Bay

Devils Dung – Asafoetida

Devil's Plaything:-- Yarrow

Dew of the Sea:-- Rosemary

Dog's Mouth - Snap Dragon

Dogs Tongue - Conoglossum Officinale

Dove's Foot:-- Wild Geranium

Dragon Wort:-- Bistort

Dragon's Blood – Calamus

Earth Smoke:-- Fumitory

Elf's Wort:-- Elecampane

Enchanter's Plant:-- Vervain

Englishman's Foot:-- Common Plantain

Erba Santa Maria:-- Spearmint

Everlasting Friendship:-- Goosegrass

Eye of Christ: - Germander Speedwell

Eye of Newt:-- Mustard Seed

Eye of the Day:-- Common Daisy

Eye of the Star:-- Horehound

Eye Root:-- Goldenseal

Eyes:-- Aster, Daisy, Eyebright, etc

Fairy Smoke:-- Indian Pipe

Fat from a Head:-- Spurge.

Felon Herb:-- Mugwort

Filwort. Centory. or Feverwort

Five Fingers:-- Five-leaf grass or Cinquefoil

Fox's Clote:-- Burdock

Frog's Foot - Bulbous Buttercup

From the Belly:-- Earth-apple.

From the Foot:-- Houseleek.

From the Loins:-- Chamomile.

Gazel’s Hooves: - Quickset, Albespyne,

Goat's Foot - Ash Weed

God's Hair:-- Hart's Tongue Fern

Golden Star:-- Avens

Gosling Wing:-- Goosegrass

Graveyard Dust:-- Mullein

Great Ox-eye:-- Ox-eye Daisy

Hag's Taper:-- Great Mullein

Hagthorn:-- Hawthorn

Hair of Venus:-- Maidenhair Fern

Hairs of a Hamadryas Baboon:-- Dill Seed.

Hare's Beard:-- Great Mullein

Hawk's Heart:-- Heart of Wormwood.

Heart of Osmund:-- Royal Fern

Herb of Grace:-- Vervain

Hind's Tongue:-- Hart's Tongue Fern

Holy Herb:-- Yerba Santa

Holy Rope:-- Common Agrimony

Hook and Arm:-- Yerba Santa

Horse Hoof:-- Coltsfoot

Horse Tongue:-- Hart's Tongue Fern

Hundred Eyes – Periwinkle

Innocence:-- Bluets

Jacob's Staff:-- Great Mullein

Joy of the Mountain:-- Marjoram

Jupiter's Staff:-- Great Mullein

King's Crown:-- Black Haw

Knight's Milfoil:-- Yarrow

Kronos blood:-- ocedar

Ladies' Meat- May Flower blossom.

Lad's Love:-- Southernwood

Lady's Glove - Foxglove

Lamb's Ears:-- Betony

Lion's Hairs:-- Turnip leaves

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