International Coaching Week on February, 2025: How much do figure skating coaches make?

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How much do figure skating coaches make?

Skating coaches who teach private students are primarily self-employed, so it is common that they set their own rates based on several factors. How much you make per week depends a lot on the rate you set, as well as how many students you teach and how much lesson time you give them. Here are the basics about setting your rates and what factors go into this:

1. Experience level: not just the tests you have passed and your competition results, but also the number of years you have been teaching, and the results of your students at tests and competitions. If you are a new coach, you don't want to charge as much as someone with 20 years of experience taking students to qualifying competitions, even if you have the same test credentials in your own skating as they do, for example.

2. Professional Skater's Association ratings, rankings, and continuing education: coaches take PSA ratings exams to denote that they have certain skills in certain disciplines. Some of these tests require that you have skaters past a certain test level or in the case of the ranking system, have taken athletes through different tests and qualifying competitions. Also, earning education credits as a coach by attending seminars and conferences shows that you are committed to your coaching career and staying current.

In order to become a private coach, you will need to build a business up from scratch, which is no easy feat, especially when you are young and many coaches you will teach with most likely will have had more years of experience than you have. Many coaches begin by teaching learn-to-skate or group classes through a local rink. This allows you to make an impression on young skaters who are trying skating out (and if it is positive, they may ask you for lessons privately as they improve), as well as give you much-needed teaching experience. Talk to your local skating program director about starting in group classes - pay may range from $8 - 15 per hour your first year teaching as a junior staff instructor or assistant, and most senior staff instructors will make between $16 - 35 per hour once they have proven themselves, shown commitment, and handle classes on their own or with an assistant, depending on the rink. This is seen as "supplemental" income to most private coaches, where rates start at $20 per hour and go up significantly from there - some coaches make over $100 per hour if they have coached international competitors who have done well, etc.

As a coach teaching private students and being self-employed, you are going to do a lot of work from home as well. You will have to keep track of the lessons you teach, bill your students, arrange for music to be cut for programs or cut it yourself, choreograph programs, and help your skaters set goals, go to competitions, and prepare/take skating tests. You will have to learn all the rules and requirements of the sport, and especially the areas you focus on teaching (for example, freestyle or ice dance, etc.). You will also be "on call" for parents that have questions, need to reschedule lessons, or are concerned about their child's progress.

In addition to all this, you will have to carefully manage your finances for tax purposes later, too - once you make over $450 in the US, you will have to file self-employment taxes as well as track all your business expenses. You will need to be a member of US Figure Skating or your country's equivalent federation (for the US, you will also need to do a separate coaching membership/pass a background check), as well as be a PSA member and carry insurance in order to teach privately at most rinks in the US. Other nations may differ on this.

My strong recommendation to you is to talk to your coach and other coaches at your rink about how they got started, and maybe work with one of them co-teaching a few of their students to gain experience. Since you are young, you can also enroll with the mentor program the PSA has, which gives you a break on PSA membership costs, etc.

Here are some links to get you started:

Professional Skater's Association (PSA):

Their website has lots of helpful resources, and I encourage you to read through as many of them as you can.

US Figure Skating (USFS):

This is where you will register as a coach and connect to the site where you submit your information for background checks, etc.

This article outlines a lot of the steps I mentioned.

USFS guide to becoming a coach.

Hope this helps!

InterRail in Greece - do international trains still run?

InterRail in Greece - do international trains still run?

International train travel between Thessaloniki and Sofia is disconnected at present. You could get on an Eurolines coach twice a week and continue by train from Sofia.

Departure from Thessaloniki

Anageniseos Street 38

close to Central Railway station

23:35 hrs on Friday and Sunday

Arrival at Sofia

Serdica Coach Station, Traffic Market

05:00 hrs on Saturday and Monday

Fare: €25.00

Student fare: €20.00


dept Thessaloniki 23:35

arr Sofia 05:00

dept Sofia 11:55 D490

arr Beograd 19:47

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arr Budapest 06:04


is there vacancy in tennis coaching in SDAT nunganbakam chennai how much fees?

is there vacancy in tennis coaching in SDAT nunganbakam chennai how much fees?

List of Tennis Academies & Coaching Schools


Facilities & Prices:

MRC Stadium,

Gandhi Irwin Road,

Chennai – 600 008.

Phone: 28191034

Contact: Hiten Joshi/ Sreenivasarao

No. of courts: 4 clay

SDAT Tennis Stadium,

Lake Area, Nungambakkam,

Chennai: 600 034

Ph: 2817 0381

Tele-fax: 2817 5620

No. of courts: 2 synthetic

Eligibility: Boys and girls – 7 years and above

Adults – subject to availability of timings

Registration: First, register the name in the registration book with the concerned coach

This registration is free of cost

Admission will be granted based on the availability of the days and timings requested

Admission: On admission, an application form must be submitted along with:

a)Photocopy of birth certificate

b)Two passport size photographs

c)Relevant fee by cheque or demand draft in the favour of “Tamil Nadu Tennis Association”

Coaching Fee Structure:

At MRC Stadium:

Coaching fee:

3 days a week: Rs.400/month

5 days a week: Rs.550/month

6 days a week: Rs.650/month

Retention fee: Rs.150/month (max. of 3 months)

Admission fee: Rs.500

At SDAT Tennis Stadium:

Coaching fee:

3 days a week: Rs.400/month

5 days a week: Rs.550/month

6 days a week: Rs.650/month

Retention fee: Rs.150/month (max. of 3 months)

Membership fee: Rs.400/month

(To be paid by DD in favour of “Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu”)

Fees should be paid on or before 10th of every month

Fees are subject to change without any notice.


Tuesday to Friday

6:30 am to 7:30 am

7:30 am to 8:30 am

3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday

6:30 am to 7:30 am

7:30 am to 8:30 am

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Monday is a weekly holiday.

Summer months timings are subject to change.

Coaching Staff Hiten Kumar Joshi - Head Coach TNTA & TATE

B.L. Srinivasa Rao - TNTA

N.V. Ramana - TNTA

Ilyas Husain - TATE

Markers P. Babu

G. Karunakaran



Ball Boys M. Muruga



Siva Kumar

Other Academies:

Ace Tennis Academy

GCPGP 29 Barnaby Road

Kilpauk, Chennai 600 010

Contact Mr. Sukesh Menon

Phone: 98400 64160 Baig Tennis Centre

Central Revenue Quarters

15th Main Road, Anna Nagar

Chennai 600 040

Phone: 94441 00915

Baig Tennis Centre

Income Tax Courts

121 Nungambakkam High Road

Chennai 600 034

Phone: 94441 00915

Besant Nagar Club

New No. 21 (Old No. 12)

III Avenue, Besant Nagar

Chennai 600 090

Contact Mr. Rajiv Naidu

Phone No: 98409 87870

Classic Advanced Tennis Academy

2/B, 57/28 Ist Main Road


Chennai – 20,

Contact: Suresh Kumar

Phone: 94440 03138

Competitive Edge International Residential Tennis Academy

2/191 Meenakshi Gardens,

Thalambur Road, Navalur,

Chennai 603 103

E-Mail :

Director S.Meenakshi Sundaram - 98410 68543

Daya Tennis Academy

4/428 IV Main Rd

Swaminatha Nagar

Kottivakkam, Chennai 600 041.

Mr. M. Dayanandan

Phone: 94441 10239 / 98410 04900 Mr. Guruswamy

AF Block, 11th Main Road

Anna Nagar,

Chennai 40

Phone: 94442 12164

Kandaswami Tennis Academy

E 3, Main Road

Anna Nagar

Chennai 600 106

Ph: Vimal 98415 99720


Krishnan Tennis Centre

141 Old Mahabalipuram Road

Chennai 600 096

Mr. Ramesh Krishnan

Phone: 24540568 / 24540278

Match Point Tennis Academy

7(2), First Avenue

Shastri Nagar, Adyar

Chennai – 20

Phone: 90030 24413

Muthu Krishna Memorial Coaching School

Natesan Park, East Gate

Kannadasan Salai, T. Nagar

Chennai 600 017

Ph: 24333746

Nungambakkam Tennis Club

Corporation Ground

Lake Area, Nungambakkam,

Chennai 600 034.

Contact Mr. K.R. Sridhar

Phone: 94440 10714 Pro-Tennis Initiative

A M Jain College Campus


Chennai 600 0114.

Contact Mr. Sadiq Sulaiman

Phone: 98842 45300


Ransa Sports Club

Srinivasa Avenu, Kamarajar Salai

R.A. Puram

Chennai 600 028.

Contact Mr. C. Balasubramaniam

Phone: 24954295 Rupa Tennis Academy

Mylapore Club, 39 Luz Church Road

Mylapore, Chennai 600 004.

Ms. Rupa Kaushik

Phone: 98400 68220

SDAT - Prince Tennis Academy

Adult Playfield

Block No. 8, Mogappair West

Chennai 600 037

Contact Mr. Amaline John, Director

Phone: 998404 85929 / 64546006 Singaram Pillai Tennis Centre

Singaram Pillai Matriculation & Hr. Sec. School

Villivakkam, Chennai 600 049.

Phone: 94442 12179

St. Bedes Tennis Academy

43 Karneeswarar Pagoda Street


Chennai 600 004

Phone: 98400 62743 St. Michael’s Academy

Matriculation Higher Secondary School

New No. 2, Old No. 13-A,

III Canal Cross Road,

4th Main Road, Gandhi Nagar

Adyar, Chennai 600 020.


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