Church Library Month on October, 2024: Bible or Church?

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Bible or Church?

"The Bible teaches us and shows us that the Church came before the Bible. After all, what books did Jesus write? None! Jesus deliberately chose NOT to write. Instead He chose to establish a Church to teach in His name!

The Catholic Church believes that both the Bible and Church are both necessary and one cannot exist without the other. Here are some questions non-Catholics must consider...

(1) The Bible was not put under one cover until 397 AD at the Council of Carthage. It took a monk 10 months to hand copy the Bible. Prior to the Bible being put under one cover, who was the authority figure for the early church? Remember, the Bible did not exist as we know it today. There is NO denying the fact that authority was the church--not the Bible.

(2) How did the early Christians each own a Bible if the printing press wasn't developed until the 1500's? Even after the printing press was developed how many Christian could afford to own a Bible?

(3) Why does JESUS state the final authority is the church in Matthew 18:15-17?

(4) Where in the Bible does it state that the "Bible" is the only authority for Christians?

(5) How did the majority of the people who were uneducated read the Bible prior to 1500 and even to this day?

(6) What is the pillar and foundation of truth (1 Tim 3:15)?

(7) What books of the Bible did Jesus write?

(8) Where in the Bible does Jesus command the Apostles to write?

(9) How do you know that your interpretation of the Bible is correct?

(10) How did the Bible know what books to include under its cover?

The only logical conclusion is that the Bible as our only guide is unbiblical!! The Church came first!!"

Is there a national library month? Or book month?

Is there a national library month? Or book month?

National Library Week - April 15-21, 2007

First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is a national observance sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country each April. It is a time to celebrate the contributions of our nation’s libraries and librarians and to promote library use and support. All types of libraries – school, public, academic and special – participate.

In 2007, National Library Week will be celebrated under the theme, "Come together @ your library®", incorporating the @ your library® brand of The Campaign for America's Libraries.

Future National Library Week dates:

2008 - April 13-19

2009 - April 12-18

2010 - April 4 -10

2011 - April 10-16

Henry VIII, break away from the church in Rome.?

Henry VIII, break away from the church in Rome.?

The reformation of the church under Henry VIII was sparked both by personal desire* and by political concern* about the succession.

When Pope Clement VII refused to annul his marriage with Catherine of Aragon, Henry responded by enacting legislation which limited papal jurisdiction and revenues in England. In February of 1531 the Commons acknowledged the king as their "only and supreme lord and, as far as the law of Christ allows, even supreme head." In the Act of Supremacy* of 1534, the caveat "as far as the law of Christ allows" was deleted.

It is sometimes sneeringly said that the Church of England was founded because Henry VIII wanted a divorce and the Pope would not give it to him. That is the true story that lay under the surface (or, going further, perhaps the true story is that Henry VIII wanted a divorce from Emperor Charles's aunt, and the Emperor objected). The principle at issue, however, seems not to have been divorce, but whether the Church trumped the Bible, exactly the principle that split other Protestants from Rome. Here's what seems to be the story. I'd have to do library research to find if it is correct, however--- web sources are frustratingly vague.

The heir to the English throne, Arthur Tudor, married Catherine of Aragon but died some months later. His brother, the future Henry VIII, wanted to marry the widow. Church law, however, forbade a man to marry his brother's widow, based (somewhat dubiously) on a verse from Leviticus. Henry applied to the Pope for permission to break the rule, and the Pope granted that permission.

The issue was whether the Pope had the authority to grant Henry permission to break divine law.

The Papacy said Yes. Henry said No. Henry submitted the question to various university faculties, and many of them, including ones in France and Italy, agreed with him. The one Protestant university that I've read of him consulting, Marburg, replied that Henry was correct on that narrow issue, but wrong on whether his marriage was invalid, because the underlying church law was wrong.

But Basically you are looking for reasons and 7-10 at that. Really it was to divorce wife after wife. It initially startes so he could marry Ann Boleyn but then when he wanted to divorce her had to challenge church doctrine again. So, basically the church's stand on the issues had to change every time King henry VIII needed a divorce. Actually that is not completely true, he did just have some of them killed after trials were held with witnesses the Kings men paid to blasapheme the then Queen. But reasons, 1)Divorce,2)To Re-marry under the church so his offspring from the second marriage would be legitimate for an heir.3) Power (he thought he could control the protestant church), 4)Greed (again he thought he could get more money if the protestant church was in charge).But you could say he strenthened the crown by breaking away from the church to produce a male heir( the throne comes first).So reason 5)is to produce a male heir. There are many you could pull from this. And I gave you five reasons out of seven for your homework!!! Actually If you add "personal" and "political" reasons to it , thats seven reasons!! Rock On! So I better get est answer and my 10 points!!! I spent like 10 minutes on this lol Good Luck! Don't copy this word for word because I cut and pasted some of it from a website (the first one listed). I don't want you to get in academic trouble.

I hope this helped. I am putting some websites at the bottom on this issue.


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