Dairy Alternatives Month on June, 2024: Any Delicious Dairy Alternatives?

June, 2024 is Dairy Alternatives Month 2024. FARM Blog Dairy Alternative Month

Any Delicious Dairy Alternatives?

Well I was a vegetarian for 2 years and recently went vegan finally (I'm 16 btw..)! Cheese was hardest.. And I was already lactose-intolerant so I never just had milk straight from the glass, or ice cream. So I gave up milk first too.. But giving it up in foods is the hardest. Like brownies, and mac and cheese... But alright alternatives! So they have soy milk if you feel you need that. Also it can be substituted in recipies that call for milk. And for eggs you can use 1/4 apple sauce to substitute an egg in a recipie. But as for the egg itself I'm not sure what isn't egg that tastes like egg.. And cheese finally! You can buy soy cheese, but check the ingredients, some have milk derivatives which I don't get because what's the point of soy cheese if it contains milk derivatives?? Beats me.. And if you didn't know.. You can't have jello with gelatin but I found gelatin free stuff from walmart. It's like kids something and all natural. The watermelon is soo good.

Good luck going vegan, I hope you can finally pull it off it takes time but I know you'll be able to do it if I can because I was a cheese-aholic and it's been since May 26th and I've had no dairy or egg products!

Wanting to give up dairy products....?

Wanting to give up dairy products....?

You'd be surprised just how many dairy-free food products are available nowadays:

Redwood Foods

(chilled) Soya cheese, fake meat slices, (frozen) sausages, schnitzels and nuggets

Provamel Alpro

Soya milk, milkshakes, dairy-free yoghurts and desserts



Dairy-free cream cheese

Free & Easy

Dairy-free cheese sauce and gravy



Green & Blacks

Dark chocolate (with ginger; cherries; mint; maya gold; expresso; or with hazelnut & currants)


More on dairy-free chocolate


There other alternatives to soy milk as well:

-Rice milk (such as “Rice Dream”)


- Nut milks like almond milk (“Ecomil”)


- Oat milk (“Oatly”)

- Quinoa milk (“Ecomil”)


- Coconut milk (“Biona”, “Blue Dragon”)



- Hemp milk (“Living Harvest”)


Rice milk is usually available at supermarkets but you may have to look in Health Food Shops for the other alternatives. Try Holland & Barretts, or shop online at Goodness Direct. You could also try making your own milk at home if you wanted. Here are some recipes: ...

I think that dairy only refers to foods made from cows and goats milk (like butter) so no, eggs probably don't count. Some vegetarians choose not to eat them anyway though as they don't consider them not cruelty-free; "Free-range" is a very misleading term.


Egg-free mayonnaise (plain or garlic) and chocolate


Egg replacer


Dairy Intolerant Question?

Dairy Intolerant Question?

Ok as you're in the uk I'll give it a go. I developed dairy intolerance as an adult so honest answer is that there are no non dairy alternatives that are as good...however as the little one will not know this the best I've found for ready bought is swedish glace (available at Sainsburys and probably most other supermarkets) for a base for homemade ice cream they might want to try RiceDream with hazelnuts and almonds, it tastes 'creamy' and is naturally sweet.

It might also be worth seeing if she can tolerate goat products as a lot of people who are cow dairy intolerant can take some goat products, if she can look for somewhere like this local to you and give it a go

Another general tip is Jewish Kosher shops. If it says Parve it will NOT have any dairy in it.

My local-ish shop is

They are wonderful and even have a specific dairy free section on their site.

My favourite 'creamy' chocolate is the second one down on this page

Hope this helps.

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