Deaf History Month on March, 2025: What month is Deaf History Month?

March, 2025 is Deaf History Month 2025. Diversity & Inclusion Deaf History Month

What month is Deaf History Month?

Deaf History Month, as far as my google searches indicate, is from March 13th - April 15th every year.

Why was I born deaf, my family has no deaf history?

Why was I born deaf, my family has no deaf history?

No deaf history, maybe you were born a little early, maybe some disease such like my cousin born on 7th month and my husband with german measles and i got very sick when I was small with a high fever over 104 -lost all my hearing.

These things can happen.

If you don't find anything from your parents, ask your doctor.

Black History Month.....outdated? Should it be ’Black Culture Month’ instead?

Black History Month.....outdated? Should it be 'Black Culture Month' instead?

I agree with you.I can't help but think that it's high time they let it go and focus on the positive.

I'm not saying in the least that the slavery issue should not be brought up at all because it's good the younger generations know but I feel that there's too much focus on it.

Most black people don't know their own history.They take in what they see and hear at these things and the hate starts all over again.

They have absolutely no idea that after the civil war marshall law was declared in some of the southern states because there were so many problems.Most of the soldiers after the war wanted nothing more than to return to their families and walked off.The most that remained were in the black militia.And rather than turn the other cheek and show the white folks that they were better than them in their treatment of others.The black militia ran rampant murdering white men and raping white women and young girls in the street. It was not safe for a white person to walk down the street. In truth they were'nt safe in their homes either.If a black man could'nt support his family he went to the black militia and complained and they'd forcefully remove a white family from their homes and buisnesses and let the black man move in.

It was at this time the KKK was formed.The whites had complained to the federal government only to have it turn a deaf ear.They had no other recourse but to find a way to protect themselves.

Unfortuneately- todays members of the KKK have no idea why they hate black people they just want to hate someone.It's completely ignorant.

I cannot site my sources but I can tell you my information came from the library.I ran across the information when I was 14. I'm 48 now. But I'm sure there are many more books on the subject still there waiting to be opened.And maybe if more were the prjudice issue would die completely.

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