National On-Hold Month on March, 2023: Hold Month - National Air Guard info?

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March, 2023 is National On-Hold Month 2023. On-Hold Messages End Silence and Promote Products while Callers are On-Hold

National Air Guard info?

you realize the Air National Guard is part of the Air Force and Air National Guard is only 1 weekend a month after you get back from Basic and Tech school. You might get some good training while in school and not sure at your age why don't you appy to become an officer? it's worth the wait. All the questions you should ask the unit. Most employers are pretty good with letting thier military men/women let go to training and saving thier job. You should really talk to the Air Guard unit before you make the final decision.

what place holds the record for the most rainfall during a month\year?

what place holds the record for the most rainfall during a month\year?

National weather center!

National Guard AIT Question?

National Guard AIT Question?

By regulation you have up to 24 months to get MOSQ or get the boot.

The target is 12 months because after 12 months there is a big target on your (and your Commander's) back with the Adjutant General (Guard Speak for CG) holding the rifle.

Every non-MOSQ Soldier a unit has on their roster causes the unit to lose funding for other schools. How can your Commander ask to send Sergeant Smith to Air Assault or SSG Jones to Master Gunner when he has 6 non-MOSQ Soldiers on his books?

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