Dear Santa Letter Week on November, 2024: fUNNY cHRISTMAS lETTER tO sANTA?

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Dear Santie Claus,

Ya know what? My barbies are having a really tough time since last christmas. . .My dogs keep chewing them up! They've had to go to "Nurse Barbie" a bazillion times already! I'm getting very worried about all of them. Maybe you could get me a Barbie Dream house! My Barbies would truly appreciate it. Seriously, they've been chewed, gnawed and not to mention hung up. Yes, that's right, my little brother he just can't stay away from them! He undresses them and hangs them by my ceiling fan with shoe laces! He should defenitly get a bunch of coal this year. He's been very rude. By the way, yesterday he used my mom's pantyhose as a sling shot! And get this, he was flinging her socks across the room. And on top of that, he broke my mom's favorite lamp! So, please don't get my brother any shoe laces and please can I have a Barbie Dream House??

I love you Santie Clause!!!

P.S. Remember, little boys that treat their sisters unfairly should not get any presents!

Santa Ponsa - Majorca - Opinions?

Santa Ponsa - Majorca - Opinions?

I have owned a home in Santa Ponsa for 30 yrs and watched the place grow in to a popular holidays resort. First thing I must say is that I think Fiona H is mixing up SP with somewhere else when she said about the high rises. There are NO high rise flats in SP. It actually became law in the early1980's that you could not build more than 4 levels high. A few buildings older may be one or 2 levels higher but definitely no tower blocks as in Magaluf or Benidorm. SP is a busy holiday resort and without knowing your age group, circumstances as in a family going or whatever it is hard to advise. The bay if you can imagine is like the letter U and the middle part is the sandy beach, along each side of the U is rocky and there are lots of apartments/apartamento hotels along here. I think SP has something to suit everyone but if you chose the wrong area for the type of holiday you want it could be a bit of a disaster. Down town SP is where there are Irish Bars and other lively pubs which can get pretty wild in summer to say the least . Fantastic if you are young and wanting to stay out all night. There is a big square at another part of SP which is great for families, starts off around 9 pm with a childrens disco and then there is different tribute acts each night to entertain the adults. It is away from traffic so very safe for children. There are numerous restaurants in SP, some very reasonable and others more for special nights out. Most restaurant advertise their Menu del Dia or Menu of the Day at an inclusive price and this can be great value, if not shown you can ask for it. There is also your usual MacDonalds and Burger King for those inclined. On the whole it is still cheaper than UK but with the Euro so strong against the £ everything all over Europe is dearer just now.There is a wooded area near the big roundabout and the paraquets have became a bit attraction there, people sit, watch and listen to then chirping all the time. Plenty of buses to everywhere. If going as far as Palma, unless you want to go all over the coast take the 102 express bus which comes every 30 mins in summer. Loads of the usual souvenir shops etc and pedalos, water scooters etc for hire on the beach. Also carbaret type entertainment around. There is Tourist Information place near the beach and there are leaflets on just about everything Mallorca has to offer, including nice walks etc. If you want to add an edit to your question of age group, people going and where you are staying I would be glad to tell you all I can. PS Well if you are staying in the Hisperia really good news as you are very, very central for everything. Can't tell you anything about what goes on inside the hotel but it is right across the road from the sandy beach, just down from the wooded area etc. For your age group, walk up by MacDonalds, Burger King, turn right at the roundabout with the Olive tree and you are in the lively part. If you walk through this part, a bit further along and upstairs there is a pub called Burlington Berties which has great facilities for little ones if you say there is a 4 yr old,.That age group love it and there's serveral more like that. The big square is about a 15 walk away as it is at one side of SP. You go to the Olive Tree roundabout, turn left and you basically walk and walk until you reach, anyone in the shops will tell you where it is. Again as you turn in to the lively are of SP there is a bar called Steps which could be good for the 40 + although younger people go to. It is normally a married couple who own it who are also carbaret singers. However, the lady has just had a baby so it's new partner but I imagine along the same lines. If you turn left along the beach when you come out your hotel you will come to the really big roundabout where you can get the buses for almost everywhere around. On a Wed there is a market at Andraitx for perhaps the mums and dads with you. Don't pay trip prices as the local buses are plentiful on a Wed fom the roundabout and very cheap. Be warned it is a morning market and best to hit the bus by 9 am and expect crowds. Just filled you in a little although I am sure you will find out loads for yourselves. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

How do you write a good letter to Santa?

How do you write a good letter to Santa?

Dear Santa,

I have tried my hardest to be good this year, hopefully you have noticed.

I hope you have recovered from last years Christmas trip around the world.

For Christmas this year I would like .............................


Love ..........

P.S. Say hello to your reindeer for me

P.P.S. I promise I won't forget to leave a mince pie out for you.

P.P.P.S. Oh and I'll leave my Wii fit on so you can burn of that nice little beer belly you have.

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