Disability Day 2022 is on Saturday, December 3, 2022: Disability Awareness Day?

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Saturday, December 3, 2022 is Disability Day 2022. Volunteers needed for disAbility day, 3 December 2010 with Disabilities. The Day

Disability Day

Disability Day, or even the Worldwide Day's Individuals with Disability, is really a day that's approved through the Un. The goal of Disability Day would be to encourage a much better knowledge of people impacted by a disability, along with rendering people more conscious of the privileges, dignity and welfare of disabled people.Disability Day began in 1992 and it is each day that's marked all over the world by a number of occasions locked in many nations. The initial reputation for this very day was the Worldwide Day's Disabled Persons. The day’s roots go as far back to 1981 and also the Worldwide Year of Disabled Persons, that was produced to enhance the lives of disabled people all over the world, in addition to prevent disabilities from occurring to begin with.Your Day can be used for holding discussions, forums and campaigns relevant to disability, and towns are urged to organise performances within their neighborhood. These may vary from hosting a musical to some play, and disabled people should engage in these productions. The general goal would be to show a thief having a disability could be a vibrant person in society.Every year your day is well known there's a focus on a brand new aspect associated with enhancing the lives of individuals coping with a disability. This Year there is a phone call to assist disabled people reside in a comprehensive society in each and every country, and also to make certain that society was as accessible as you possibly can for disabled people.

Disability Awareness Day?

Tell your boss a lot people with disabilities are actually offended by disability simulations. People end up walking away with pity rather than empathy for people with disabilities.



Hi L K:

You should apply for disability. No you do not have to be on it for the rest of your life and poor.

If you are disabled in one way, shape or form you are entitled to receive disability compensation.

You go to your local social security office, fill out the application, sit with your case worker and go over very basic things, name address, etc...

Now all is up to the government. The do the records requests and so on. When you get your letter in the mail to approve or deny you do not expect an approval. Expect the denial.

Now you appeal the decision by your self or with a lawyer. I appealed by my self and again was denied. For my 3rd try, I hired a disbility lawyer. I paid no monies up front, he only got paid if we won and his fee would be 33% of the first check which is actually retroactive from the day you first applied at the social security office.

With the help of my lawyer (Oh, who was excellent) I was approved right there in court in front of the judge. I was shocked.

I am on disability and I will not state the amount that I receive be it is well beyond the $600.oo that is mentioned, if I am able to work even a little I am allowed to earn up to $500.oo a month w/o my benifits being affected. If I am able to work or earn more the a meeting with social security will be made and the options will be discussed with you. If you can go back to work full time then your disability will stop, BUT if working full time makes you disabled again, then you will be placed back on disability.

You do not have to be on disability for life. Being poor has nothing to do with your benefits. You can have a million dollars in the bank and that will never effect your disability benefits, ever. So it also has nothing to do about how much money you have or how much money you don't have.

I would not wait, you sound as if you have a disability. Go to the social security office an apply. The sooner you go, the faster it will be activated.

Be safe and be well

Do people face learning disability during day ?

Do people face learning disability during day ?

"i am basically the owner of myself and walk according to my own thoughts and not taken over by others thoughts."........i loved this line of yours. You seemed confident about yourself....... but wait.........don't be over-confident.

Its ok if you are able to concentrate more at night than day. Its your own choice. There are a lot of people who study at night.

I'm not a doctor to give you the exact reason for why you ar more strong at night & don't like to study during day time........

But maybe i can tell why you are lousy & sluggish during daytime even after a good sleep.....

You are lousy & sluggish, not because you are physically tired but you are mentally tired.......you have to face your tuition & all the bullying & fear & that's why you don't like the mornings......& that's why you cannot concentrate well.

Doing some physical work is much convenient way for you to get rid off things you don't like from your mind, rather than studying. Plus morning is filled with a lot of distractions like friends, TV, pc, games, etc......which you cannot get at night.

Look Dear, i maybe wrong about what i said above........but as far as studies is concerned, you can study whenever you feel like but don't ignore you sleep also......some rest is important for your health....

Take Care. Keep Smiling ^_^

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