Doctor Who Day 2024 is on Saturday, November 23, 2024: When a doctor says 5-7 days?

Saturday, November 23, 2024 is Doctor Who Day 2024. Saxon Bullock Doctor Who Day of the Doctor

When a doctor says 5-7 days?

It depends on your doctor, if it's a busy place- give him/her 5 business days, if it's not an extremely high traffic place, start bugging them for results after 4.

A CT exam is read by the radiologist within 48 hours at even the busiest of places, it's then passed on via fax to your doctor (unless they're in the same building in which case the report is 'sent up' or if they are on EMR is entered electronically)

Your doctor then has access, but may not have time to review and collect his/her thoughts so should be given another 24 -48 hours to do so. After that go ahead and start pestering so you can get the results.

Since they have them and they're yours, you might as well get them right? I've seen CT results enter into the system (and we're HIGH traffice) as quick as 3 hours later for non emergency and as SLOW as 16 hours (yes, that's considered slow!)

I want to be a doctor one day...?

I want to be a doctor one day...?

If being a physician is your dream, start now to do what you can to work towards that goal and also find out whether or not that job is right for you.

Anatomy and physiology would be good, but not necessary. You would have to take them again in medical school. English, speech, math, and composition are also important.

In the USA, you have to go to a regular college before medical school. There are a few universities such as University of Missouri-Kansas City that have combined undergraduate/medical school programs that take 6-7 years instead of the usual 4 years of college and 4 years of medical school. See the book, Medical School Admission Requirements for details (see link below, you may be able to find a library copy).

You should major in a subject that you enjoy and do well in. You have to take a certain number of pre-medical courses in college (biology, chemistry, physics). Each medical school sets its own requirements. Many medical students enjoy and do well in science, so they major in science. Chemistry and biology are popular pre-med majors. You will need to develop good study habits to get the grades and MCAT scores you need to get into medical school. If there is tutoring available for improving your study habits, or books available in your library, etc., I encourage you to learn NOW, how to get A's.

If you are concerned about being able to handle simple medical procedures, try to get some clinical experience by shadowing a doctor or paramedic, or by volunteering at a hospital, perhaps in the emergency department.

Doctors who specialize in emergency medicine see the patients who show up in the emergency room, either via ambulance or by walking in the door. The ER doctor may refer these patients to specialists who also work in the hospital. For instance, a patient who has had a heart attack will be referred to a cardiologist and possibly to a cardiothoracic surgeon for a bypass. A patient who has been in an automobile accident may be referred on to a surgeon.

how do y know good doctor these days?

how do y know good doctor these days?

You I know good doctors these days, as I am a medical student and am in touch with a lot of good doctors.

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