GERD Awareness Week on November, 2024: Please HelpRead. AnxietyDepression symptoms?

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Please Help/Read. Anxiety/Depression symptoms?

I've gone through this too and it all started because of anxiety.

Stress alone could account for all of your symptoms. Now pair the stress with a lack of restful sleep and I guarantee you're going to experience anxiety and depression which will, in turn, disrupt your sleep and so on. It's a really vicious cycle. As far as the high BP, you could also be causing high BP by being nervous about getting an elevated reading before the cuff even goes on.

Next, I'll say that your brain is extremely powerful. If you believe that something is happening to you, you could actually begin developing symptoms of it, even though it's not actually happening -- Examples: pseudo pregnancy, pseudo drunkenness, and the placebo effect to name a few. I guess this is the same as saying, "it's all in your head", but I don't mean that in a dismissive way. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here.

Alternatively, now that you've experienced these symptoms, you may have become hyper aware of them when normally you wouldn't pay much attention to them. Kinda like when you buy a car and then start seeing the same kind of car everywhere. Many heart attack sufferers become hyper aware of their heart after surviving an attack and subsequently suffer with fear that its happening again every time their heart beats weird. No doubt about it, if anyone monitored their pulse all day, they'd notice some weird activity at some point so this hyper awareness is a curse for most.

Speak with a psychologist, educate yourself on anxiety and why it happens. If you need a test to ease your mind about the cancer possibility, then ask for it.

Don't research horror stories about it or your anxiety will get worse. Or, you might become a bit of a hypochondriac, finding other illnesses you think you might have.

My story is below if you're interested-

I've been through what you're going through right now. I assure you, you can get back to feeling normal again -- I have --although I occasionally have depression symptoms (I don't think they're outside of what everyone else feels occasionally) and experience a panic attack about once every year or so.

What got it all started for me was: I had an episode where my heart seemed to struggle to beat so I began checking my pulse whenever I felt something was off (like a dropped beat or something) At first, I would check my pulse, and if it seemed odd I would then start to feel scared. Consequently, my body would respond by releasing adrenaline which would make my heart race and I would start shaking. At the time, I didn't know this was because of the adrenaline so I'd have a full blown panic attack where I'd swear my heart was going to stop beating. I did this so many times that I eventually started going into a panic attack the moment my hand went to my pulse. I'd actually trained my body to interpret the checking of my pulse as a life threatening event. I went to the ER twice. I was convinced I had a heart problem. I had all the tests, and even had 2 separate 72 hour holter monitor tests done. Eventually we figured out that I was having panic attacks and I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Xanax was a big help, but I didn't want to have to take a pill every time I felt anxious. I didn't want anxiety to remain a part of my life. I did some research, and learned as much as I could about panic attacks, anxiety, stress, meds, and anything else that could help me understand why these things happen. I accepted the possibility that I might die - that there might actually be a problem with my heart, but there was nothing else to do and life sucked when it was filled with fear anyway. Then I forced myself to stop checking my pulse when it felt weird...boy was that difficult! When I would go into a panic attack, I would close my eyes, breath in through my nose and out through my mouth; all the while repeating to myself that it was just a panic attack and would be over soon. I denied myself the ability of hyper awareness by distracting myself when I noticed it becoming a problem. I took it day by day and it slowly got better and better.

I wish you the best of luck!

Please Help/Read. Anxiety/Depression symptoms?

Please Help/Read. Anxiety/Depression symptoms?

You must eat green vegetables and fruits to strengthen your mind! Broccoli, Asparagus, Spinach and fresh water mixed. You can leave out the Broccoli and use an Apple instead.

Mix it with a juicer / blender and drink it! Yes it may taste nasty at first but if you do it for a week or so your taste buds will get use to it. ( Use some ice to make it taste better before mixing )


If you do what I have stated below for 30 minutes everyday everything will change. Make an effort to wake up 30 minutes earlier if you must to apply these principals. It really works if you apply yourself.

At the very least do it every weekend.


The key to most psychological related issues is learning to uplift your thoughts to a higher vibration. You can't do that if you continue to focus on the problems. You can overcome those issues with a proper diet, exercise, meditation, fresh air, sun light and learning to forgive and move on.

Try this, I know it will help you overcome the issue!

Anxiety and depression is the result of fear, anger, problems breathing and or lack of focus. What happened in your past to make you withdraw ?

The only way to defeat anxiety and depression is through relaxation techniques, nutrition and self awareness.

These are the most effective ways ..

1. Talk about the issue with someone you trust. Learn to forgive, let go and move on.

2. Uplift your energy by eating right ( alternate vegetables and fruits, exercise and meditation )

Ask your parents to buy a juicer so you can make fresh vegetables or fruit drinks everyday. I use one called the

"Ninja" and drink fresh juice and vegetables every day. You would alternate one day vegetables next day fruits.

It's extremely important to eat breakfast!

This is what I use

The 16 OZ Chopper to make fresh juice

3. Learn about mantras and self reflection. Often anxiety is caused by anger or holding on to negative thought

patterns caused by life experience. If you don't have anyone to talk to about your problems you bottle them up.

After a while you are no longer able to do that and the result is anxiety and depression.

It's like a cup of water. You put too much water in the cup and it begins to overflow. You can overcome it by

changing your focus and the way you handle situations.

You can try this

Om Mani Padme Hum ( Mantra )

This will help you begin to shift your energy to a more positive vibration. Use a pair of stereo headset for best

results. Listen to it once or twice a day to help you. Don't give up on it.

While listening to it, mentally say to yourself ..

I release all stress

I release all doubts

I set myself free

I am a success

Repeat this in your mind a few times and just sit back and listen to the sounds. You can make up your own positive


4. Avoid negative entertainment. Stay away from low energy games, music and movies. Avoid unnecessary stress from

heavy metal, rap, violent games and drama / horror movies.

Your energy is already low and you need to uplift it!

5. Take deep breaths and allow day light to shine into your bedroom. Crack the window open a little bit to allow

the flow of fresh air in your room.

6. Write down your objectives and what you wish to accomplish ( affirmations ). Look at your list everyday after

waking up and before going to sleep at night. Try to take action steps towards your goals everyday.

Affirmations condition the mind to attract what you want by subconsciously re programming your brain. This is the

fastest way to turn an idea into reality. Once you write it down it becomes real.

Everything that exist was once just a thought.


I accept myself as I am.

I like who I am.

I enjoy learning and meeting new students at school.

I'm confident and popular at school.

I'm an intelligent student with great aspirations.

When I'm 23 I will own my own house. ( Adjust this statement to meet or pass current age )

When I'm 25 I will be famous movie star. ( Adjust this statement to meet or pass current age )

Keep repeating mentally to yourself a few times.


It doesn't matter if you believe it or not just do it :)

It will help you shift your energy.

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