Dog Days on July, 2024: Crating dogs all day?

July, 2024 is Dog Days 2024. The phrase dog days refers to the sultry days of summer. In the Northern Hemisphere, the dog days of summer are most commonly experienced in the months of July and August, which typically observe the warmest summer temperatures.

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The phrase dog days refers to the sultry days of summer. In the Northern Hemisphere, the dog days of summer are most commonly experienced in the months of July and August, which typically observe the warmest summer temperatures.


"Dog Days Are Over" is the second single released by Florence and the Machine from their debut album Lungs.

Crating dogs all day?

Crating all day is cruel. There are people on this site who say that they could not afford to keep a dog if they did not work full time. A dog is not a necessity of life and no one should get a dog to leave it alone in misery.

People are selfish they want a dog and they get a dog. Unfortunately a large % of people who buy a dog do not know how to look after it, or care for its needs.

Nevertheless there are hundreds of kind and caring owners who take their dogs for a long walk before they go to work. They come home at lunchtime, pay dog walkers to exercise them or take them to a day crèche.

Dogs who are crated all day will ultimately suffer from bowel and bladder problems. I have read horrendous questions on this site asked and answered by idiots.

1.QUESTION, My puppy, who I bought yesterday had peed and pood in its crate when I got back from work. ANSWER. Take it to the vet; it must have a urinary infection.

2.QUESTION. I am going to be away from home for twenty hours, will my puppy be OK in its crate. ANSWER. Yes, it should be fine, however you should limit the amount of food and water which you leave or it will poo in its crate.

3.My dog was crate trained as a puppy and she loved her cage. The only reason why she is crated as an adult is that she is very nervous. (I WONDER WHY).

4.QUESTION. My dog urinates in its crate even if it’s just left for nine hours. ANSWER. Vet now.

5.QUESTION. My puppy screams when I leave her in a crate, please help. ANSWER. Ignore her or squirt her with water.

6.One idiot was complaining because she had bought an eight week puppy which was not potty trained.

7.Another person was advised to crate her dog because it suffered from Separation Anxiety.

When people ask for advice on crate training as a means to stop their puppy urinating and defecating when they are left. I often suggest that they go to the loo before they leave for work and cross their legs until they come home.

Yes, I agree that leaving a dog in a crate all day is cruel and there are thousands of people who will agree.

EDIT. Enanloui. How do you know that dogs have no concept of time??I only know that their bowels and bladders are aware of time. If stupid and uncaring owners did not buy dogs, byb would be out of business and there would be fewer dogs to dump. You did not crate your kids when they were youngsters, they had company and freedom. Dogs have a very short life, why should they spend a huge % of this confined to a crate?

Does your dog brighten your day?

Does your dog brighten your day?

Dogs are not robots, so on occasion I wake up to the furious barking of my Dobe b*tch, because she has caught sight of a Seagull on the roof.....I didn't get a dog to work as an alarm clock!

Generally, there is nothing better than taking a dog out for a long walk to reduce stress & find a sense of peace & that does brighten my day.

my dog barks all day long. ?

my dog barks all day long. ?

Your dog is bored.

Nevermind that she has tons of toys, or tons of places to sleep. How would you feel if all you had for eight hours a day was the same set of toys?

She gets excited because whatever she is barking at is much more exiting than the toys. It moves! It makes noise! What is that? Who are you? These are the thoughts running through your dog's head.

If you simply must confine her, try doing it with a "puzzle" toy, such as a kong. Fill it with treats, and the dog will spend the majority of the time trying to figure it out. Scatter small morsels outside throughout the grass, or only give her two toys to play with at a time and rotate them throughout the week. Also, when you get home, make sure that she has plenty of exercise throughout the day so that she is very tired by the time she goes to bed. She needs another long exercise in addition to the dog park.

Take her for a walk or a jog in the morning to ensure that she naps after you leave. By combining several of these positive reinforcement methods, you should be able to get her to be a happy, fulfilled dog, instead of a nuisance to the neighbors.

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