Share A Sunset With Your Lover Month on July, 2024: real lover dont run for sex, i think so, what do u people think about it, plz comment on it.?

July, 2024 is Share A Sunset With Your Lover Month 2024. Keeping it Simple (KISBYTO): National Share a Sunset with Your ... National Share a Sunset with

real lover dont run for sex, i think so, what do u people think about it, plz comment on it.?

real lovers dnt run 4 sex,real lovers know hw 2 live with sex! its true that people run after sexual satisfaction.. what they catch upwith is sex only with satisfaction not in sight!! thats y they go on changing their sexual partner in the hope that in some1 they wil find satisfaction{thats y people marry,divorce, on n on }...wat they forgot was that satisfaction is not something that can b derived from body or mind .. satisfaction comes 4m heart...when ur love is true u feel everything so satisfying, being together,seeing the sunset is so satisfying than think how much wil they b happy n satisfied 2 share their love(sex) with each other ... many people crave 4 love.. bt they dnt hav love inside them so wen they go into a relationship they cant find love.. because wat they didnt had in them earier hw wil it b now.. in mathematics 1/2+1/2=1... bt this mathematics dont work in relationship.. until both of the partners hav complete luv iside them,relationship wont work.. in relationship 1+1=1(it nvr makes 2,u bcome 1) u both giv n share wid each other wat u had in u.. that is love

I need ideas for my poem?

I need ideas for my poem?

that 1 year and four months were my happiest days

nobody knew but i wont bother on what they say

he was my everything and i always thought i was his

but those things banished like a playful kiss

i was crying and sighing from night till day

remembering the times we walked to the bay

the sky looked so pretty with the sunset

thinking about i cant help but fret

but all i know is that the day forever is through

will be the day ill stop loving you...

wahahhaha this came from my poetry notebook =D glad to share it ;)

what can you say about this story?

what can you say about this story?

This story of unselfish love struck a responsive cord for me because I lived it . I did not have a wife causing a problem. My problem was the DOM (dirty old man) concept. I felt for a tired ugly old foreign man to use his wealth to take advantage of a sweet young poor Filipina to be an ugly form of prostitution. A "business" arrangement disguised as "love". I saw so many of these empty relationships. While the young girls profitted, there was often an emptiness in their eyes.

I rationalized that it was her choice, but I still felt uncomfortable.

After a very difficult five year relationship, I finally got to a point where I felt her love. I offered her all the financial benefits without the need to sacrifice herself, or her freedom. I supported her and her family, no strings attached. I encouraged her to date men she was attracted to, to live her young life with young people. Because her father was dead, I told her I would stand up at her wedding. I would support her and her young husband while they got an education and started their life together. I was ready to give her up as long as she was happy.

I admit I prayed she would see past the wrinkles and fall in love with my loving heart. But I had to endure the torture of three young handsome lovers. I had to endure the pain of her being ashamed of our "secret" relationship. I had to accept the emptiness of never having the love I had searched for all my life.

I believe that love is not so much what you "say", but how you live. A year ago there began to be little subtle changes in the "girl" I loved. She began to change her selfish insensitive ways. She began to turn away from other options and select to be with me. She was no longer ashamed of me; she even bragged to her friends about me. She began to care if I was hurt. Instead of just always taking; she began to give back. Even though I never gave her any reason to think I would stray, she began to worry I would leave. Dispite my assurances that she was and would be the only lady in my life, she began to worry I would stop waiting; stop supporting.

I told her she was not my first but she was the last. There would NEVER be a replacement. That no matter what happened in her life, I would always be here for her and her family. I offered her all her dreams, without a price tag.

Last month she accepted my five year old offer of marriage. I told her it was not necessary. I did not want an empty marriage or a sham love. She would gained nothing from marrying me and had everything to lose. A Filipina can only be married once. This is not a casual decision.

In the Filipino culture the wife is the heart of the family and needs children to truly fullfill her normal role. At my advanced age, having children involves many more risks for her and the child than it would under normal circumstances.

She insisted that I was the man she wanted as her husband. She was willing to accept all the negative and build a new life together. You never win the lottery unless you buy a ticket, take a risk.

We were married last month. I am excited about all the new adventures we will share. Of seeing the world anew through her eyes. Of helping her reach her full potential, win her dreams. No matter what happens tomorrow, today we are winners and happy.

My dream is that one day my wife will be old and grey, rocking on her front porch of her home surrounded by her family. She will gaze at the gloriously beautiful Philippine sunset and smile as she remembers the old man who once loved her. Taught her that love is giving not taking; sharing not using.

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