Sandwich Generation Month on July, 2024: Why don't the older generation understand the importance of healthy eating?

July, 2024 is Sandwich Generation Month 2024. July Is “National Sandwich Generation Month”-Juggling Aging ... Sandwich Generation Month is a

Why don’t the older generation understand the importance of healthy eating?

How do you think the older generation got be so old?

People lived for years without super-safe wrapping in supermarkets.

Where do supermarkets get their vegetables from?

Sterile vegetable growing laboratories with air filters ?

She's healthy. There's a good reason for that.

Lovely home grown vegetables like millions of other healthy people eat, including me.

No worrying herself sick with the latest food fads.

Just good sensible human eating habits.

Without silly modern ideas.

Soldiers fought for years in harsh conditions in the world wars.

There were no health foods. Just what you could get. Tins mostly. and local stuff you could find.

They still lived and fought, far tougher than any silly health-food kids today..

I can still out-run half the kids in my village at 69 years old because they've got no staying power.

And I can still cycle a hundred and fifty miles in two days to visit family. Camp out overnight. Fun.Last year I camped at 1700 feet in the Andes. A month of climbing. Wonderful holiday. Eating Bolivian and Peruvian food.

Get living. The real way.

I am looking for any ideas that you may have on a service project for this coming month?

I am looking for any ideas that you may have on a service project for this coming month?

My husband and I had to prepare sack lunches and deliver them to a low (im talking practically free) apartment housing area. The children came out in swarms to get their sack lunches. We saw babies in dirty dipers, no shoes, begging for an extra sandwich. This will tear your hart out however it will also bless your soal.

what do i do with my teenage daughter???

what do i do with my teenage daughter???

You can't Georgie. It's physically impossible.

You are experiencing the phenomenon known as "The Sandwich Generation." You are sandwiched between the needs of your mother and child.

Unless your daughter has serious emotional issues, she will survive this time without you. She may be unhappy and angry, but she is learning that she is not the center of the universe. Tell her that sometimes in life we have no choice and this is one of those times.

Take care of your mom. She is lucky to have you. May the rest of her life be as easy as possible. Take care of yourself.

All the best.

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