Freelance Writers Appreciation Week on February, 2025: Anybody willing to be my business mentor?

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Anybody willing to be my business mentor?

Mike - I commend you for your entrepreneurial spirit! I recommend you start reading every book you can get your hands on. Books like: Beach Money, Appreciation Marketing and Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Business of the 21st Century. Watch youtube videos of every motivational speaker you can find and check out all aspects of business opportunities. Tim Sales is a leader in mlm business and has some terrific videos online. Just take a look at the way he handles objections. Overcoming objections is critical for the entrepreneur. No matter what business you're in.

I'm in a network marketing company but I have also been an employee, a freelance writer, an executive assistant and an owner of several start-up businesses (a nanny agency and a tutoring service, to name a few). The way to go, I believe, is mlm. But ONLY if you select the right mlm. I've been burned by three. And that was solely a result of my lack of education and preparation. You have to research the company, determine if you would use the products without being compensated for it, determine if they have a solid compensation plan that will work for you and determine if you can make a business plan for yourself that does not involve pestering friends and family. MLM is a business, and should be treated as such. Many, many people get into it thinking it's easy money. It's not. It's just as much a business start-up as anything else.

I met a young man a couple of weeks ago who is involved in the same mlm I am. He's 15. His parents started an LLC so that the business entity was the member of the mlm, not the minor. An LLC has no age so that's a loophole he was able to work with.

If nothing else, mlm gives you an incredible education and a way to start your own business with very little capital.

Keep on doing your research. NEVER stop learning. Get your hands on every book and dvd you can get your hands on.

The very BEST of luck to you! I'm certain you're going to achieve phenomenal success!

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