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9/11. Can you help me with my story setting?

Hi, I live in New York City, and I was just 5 months old when the Twin Towers collapsed. And you watched Heroes of The 88th Floor, didn't you! Try Google and Brainpop. Wikipedia and Youtube also help. Also, try to find some images in which the building is shown. It helps if you can imagine the dusty ruins, the pain, panic, and frustration of not knowing whether your friends are dead or alive...and if you just may be next. Good luck!

History Channel Hit Piece: Dirty Tricks,...?

History Channel Hit Piece: Dirty Tricks,...?

I also watched that show just now on the history channel, which was said to be unbiased presenting both sides but all they did is make the "conspiracy" people (the people that are asking questions and raising points that go against the "official story") look EVIL and WRONG and that they DON'T RESPECT THE LOSS OF LIVES ON THAT DAY. WHICH IS TOTALLY BOGUS!

My 1st link below is to the article which explains how the history channel is back-pedaling from it's description (but not changing the bias).

They left out MANY of good points that are in Loose Change as well as Zeitgeist. They also presented everything with a CONSPIRACY Response: followed by EXPERT'S Response..... With the footage they used basically it made it seem like: Here's what the WRONG people say, Here's what the RIGHT people say....

What they should've done, is established an unbiased Side A proposal then a Side B proposal.

They didn't say anything about the sub-level explosions that went on in the basements of the trade center towers. They try to explain that FALLING DEBRI from the trade center towers FLEW across the way and hit trade center 7 starting fires! They also claimed that Silverstein (the owner of the trade center buildings) said that he decided to "pull it" and by that meaning pull out the people and firefighters (who says pull it? maybe evacuate? get everyone out?.... demolitionists say pull it is a well used phrase for initiating a demolition).

(3rd link below is the Loose Change video which raises many questions behind 9/11)

They didn't reveal ANYTHING about the smell of Thermite (used in explosives) at ground zero, NOR did they say anything about the perfect straight cuts in the steal beams of the building (which demolitionists explain is exactly how you take down a building, by cutting it diagonally). My 2nd link below shows a picture of exactly what I'm talking about.


The history channel's show 9/11 conspiracy theories was originally debunking 9/11 myths.

They also try to associate Loose Change believers and "conspiracy theorists" with people that don't care about the lives lost on that day. They bring up some lady saying that says "Whenever people bring up these conspiracies... it's like a knife being stabbed into my heart because they have no concern for the people that lost someone that day, or those that died" WHICH IS TOTALLY BOGUS. They do believe those people died, they do mourn their deaths, BUT they do not believe that it happened the way that we are being told!

Bottom line, they keep associating Loose Change believers and "conspiracy theory" believers with not caring about the people that died, or the people that lost someone....

Basically, they do reveal a lot of information but in the end, they try to say that all of the evidence brought to the attention by Loose Change, Webster Tarpley, and many many other professors and demolitionists is wrong, which it isn't.

This is just the most recent and official version of government propaganda trying to say that the "official story"(original claim of how/why 9/11 happened) is correct.


Also see 4th link about the molten steel / thermite!

Also note:

like how the history channel kept showing the Pentagon collapse photos of the damaged area that did not collapse till 30 minutes later. They showed no photos of the initial 15 to 17 feet wide hole caused by the crash.

Nor did they show the correct flight pattern of the airplane:

In the above link you will see:

The pilot passed up a clear direct frontal assault on his target.

He then passed through the air space of Reagan International. During this maneuver they dropped 7000 feet and by all reports did it like an ace fighter pilot.

Amazingly, the pilot managed maneuver the 757, through obstacles, attaining a flight level of 20 feet , in distance of about 1/4 mile, in order to strike the only wall of the entire Pentagon to be reinforced to withstand such an attack.

Popular Mechanics was pretty good at saying things were not true, just because they weren't true.

Anyone that has researched 9/11 and the events would easily see how corporate tried to skew the view.

explain nano techonology?

explain nano techonology?


The Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems will chart a path beginning with current nanotechnology capabilities to advanced systems. The Roadmap will detail a step-by-step course of development that must take place to move from one stage to another, with milestones for achieving each step. With the support and collaboration of our partners, The Waitt Family Foundation and Battelle, we will be able to identify the gap between the basic nanostructured materials of today, and the potential of productive nanosystems."

—Marc Lurie, President, Foresight

Keithley Instruments Taps into Pulse of Nano’s Next Wave of Test and Measurement Challenges

NSTI Nanotech 2006 Highlights Keithley’s Three-Prong Effort to Speed Lab-to-Marketplace Path for Emerging Nano-Devices.

By Vance McCarthy

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Summit Will Feature Over Two Days Top Corporate Presentations and the World’s Most Promising IP and Venture Presentations Across Multiple Industries

NSTI Nanotech 2006 Is Less Than 2 Weeks Away

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One Day Only: NSTI Nano Industrial Impact Workshop Taking Place at Nanotech 2006 Conference

The Nano Industrial Impact Workshop is a One-Day Intensive Program Designed to Educate Across a Range of Nanotechnologies and Its Impacted Industries.

Nano Science and Technology Institute and Museum of Science To Host Nanotech Awards Banquet and Education Fund Raiser Tuesday, May 9, in Boston

Reception and Dinner at the Hynes Will Honor Top Nanotechnology Achievements, With Proceeds Going to the Museum of Science for its Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network.

Nanotechnology Driving Big Advances in Cancer Imaging

Special collaborative feature with National Cancer Institute

By Joe Alper

Nanotechnology generally refers to mechanisms or electronics built on a microscopic scale. Here is a good link that illustrates the point.

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