Women's Heart Week on February, 2025: On House this week, why did they have to stop that woman's heart before doinga an MRI?

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On House this week, why did they have to stop that woman’s heart before doinga an MRI?

Although I don't watch this series on television, I can promise you that imaging of the heart with MRI is done all the time. Exquisite pictures of the heart that are diagnostically useful are done in pretty much every major medical center. Echocardiography (utrasound of the heart) remains the gold standard in terms of imaging mostly because of its longevity and amount of solid data that's been gained to solidify it as the imaging modality of choice. Gradually, as more centers gain cardiac MR software and more cardiologists become comfortable with it, it will come to replace the greyscale images that we see with ultrasound.

To your point, you are exactly correct that there is no reason that the heart cannot be imaged with the heart beating normally. With an irregular heartbeat, e.g. a-fib, you'll run into trouble getting good pictures and perhaps that was the scenario (I'm only speculating here) but otherwise you can use special techniques to gate the images acquisition to the beating of the heart. If the heartbeat was regular, then you could still get brilliant images by gating it to the ECG.

Whats the best way to a woman’s heart?

Whats the best way to a woman's heart?

You do not need to spend tons of money on her. Just be there for her and listen to her and care. Make sure you are respectful. Girls love compliments. Even a compliment from a stranger can make me happy for the rest of the week! Do not forget to take her out on dates, it does not have to be expensive, even just a game night with pizza would make me happy. Just make sure she can see that you are putting effort towards her.

Do men ever have women’s interest at heart?

Do men ever have women's interest at heart?

The good ones do.

The trick is to weed the bad ones out and the way of doing that is to wait 3 months at the very minimum to have sex with him.

If he waits, he's yours, but as always you have to be careful...He might be having sex elsewhere while waiting for you so you have to look for signs, he texts you, instead of calling you, if he wants to take you out on a date and he does it on a week day instead of a fri-sat, if he calls a day in advance instead of a wednesday to take you out on a saturday..little things like that.

So keep your eyes and ears open and you will find a good man who will always have Your best interest at heart.

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