Genocide and Human Rights Awareness Month on April, 2023: How many people have died from the genocide in Darfur

April, 2023 is Genocide and Human Rights Awareness Month 2023. Human Rights Watch‎ We investigate human rights crises around the world. Learn the facts.

How many people have died from the genocide in Darfur????

Not nearly as many as died by the hand of Saddam Hussein.

But unfortunately they did not have a left wing rock band leader to "Raise Awareness" for them. There are tens of thousands of orphans in Iraq because of Saddam Hussein and I send school supplies and sandals to them but the liberals would have let them die and never shed a tear. Sadam Hussein was responsible for the deaths of over 1 million people in Iraq, Kuwait and Iran but you don't care do you?

The UN has figures on people killed around the world why does a documentary need to estimate. Want it to look worse than it is just to make a point?

Why is Darfur so important? What about Kosovo? The US defense secretary, William Cohen, said: "We've now seen about 100,000 military-aged men missing . . . They may have been murdered." Geoffrey Hoon, then Foreign Office minister, put the Albanian dead at 10,000, adding that "the final toll may be much worse". A widely quoted US Information Agency fact sheet claimed: "The number of unaccounted-for ethnic Albanian men ranges from a low of 225,000 . . . to over 400,000." Cherie Blair told the Sun she was "horrified about the rape camps".

The postwar "ethnic cleansing" of Kosovo's Serbs appears to be nearing completion as armed Albanians continue to murder and kidnap the tiny minority of Serbs who remain in the province more than five months after Nato troops arrived, in the words of their UN mandate, "to ensure public safety and order". Of Pristina's 40,000 Serb population, only 400 are left. Statistics from the Serb church and a human rights group in Pristina suggest as many as 316 Serbs have been murdered and 455 more kidnapped, many of them killed, since Nato's arrival.

Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ethnic cleansing is a widely used euphemism for the murders, arrests, rapes, and expulsions of Bosnian citizens.

Over the past few years thousands of people have been killed in ethnic clashes in Nigeria, Scores killed in Kenya ethnic revenge attacks, Killings and Ethnic Cleansing Increase in Indonesia's Aceh, and of course there is Rwanda.

The only place on earth that has been helped (NO THANKS TO THE UN) is Iraq but you hate Bush for doing it.

Iraq vs Abortion.What is worse?Why do PEOPLE think ABORTION is not MURDER?Check out the Videos!!!?

Iraq vs Abortion.What is worse?Why do PEOPLE think ABORTION is not MURDER?Check out the Videos!!!?

Abortion (especially partial birth abortion and other late term abortion procedures) is infanticide...

And by the way, genocide against the Jews was a "legal procedure" in Nazi Germany!

and luke, you are so right! The baby has a body and it is his/her own!

@GiveMeLiberty: How do you know a pre-born baby (NOT a blob of tissue) cannot feel pain? Have you spoken to one lately and asked it?

The following is an excerpt from wikipedia:

Fetal pain, its existence, and its implications are debated politically and academically. According to the conclusions of a review published in 2005, "There may be an emerging consensus among developmental neurobiologists that the establishment of thalamocortical connections" (at about 26 weeks) is a critical event with regard to fetal perception of pain.[34] Nevertheless, because pain can involve sensory, emotional and cognitive factors, it is "impossible to know" when painful experiences may become possible, even if it is known when thalamocortical connections are established.[34]

The fact is, babies born prematurely (even some as early as 6-7 months) are fully developed and viable HUMAN BEINGS, and we know that they can feel pain..."premmies" cry just like any other baby when they are hungry, injured, etc.

I just did some research and experts are in agreement that infants at the 3rd trimester in their stage of developement DO FEEL PAIN! They are moving around and they show every evidence of being aware and can react to familiar voices (mother and sometimes father). Late term abortion procedures, such as the horrific partial birth abortion, often take place during the third trimester at a time when there is viability outside the womb!

How on earth you ever came to the conclusion that allowing children to be born KILLS other children is beyond me! That is probably the single most twisted thing I've ever heard! And if you feel so strongly that each baby that is born kills many other children just by virtue of it's birth (because of such limited resources ?), then the MOST IMMORAL thing YOU could do would be to go the hospital to seek treatment the next time you sick or in a life threatening taking steps to prolong your life aren't YOU using up the resources that should go to one of those hungry children you described (after all, there's only so much to go around).

It's ironic that you mentioned how some children are "burned" alive or "have limbs ripped away" because that is exactly how many pre-born infants are aborted---burnt to a crisp with saline solution or have their limbs sucked out piece by piece via a vacuum...

Shame, shame, shame on you!

Hope you'll consider getting some professional help!!!

2nd edit at "GiveMeMurder" (oops, did I say that?!?).

In stating that the abortion of unborn infants is not murder (and is, in fact, a good thing) you brought up the issue of self awareness. You said "It is universally held that a fetus has no ability to communite, [I assume you mean "communicate"] no ability to understand its circumstances and has no ability to live on its own during the time in which abortion is normally undertaken". Well, people with advanced Alzheimer's disease, severe autism, etc. are not "self-aware" by your definition by your logic, is it OK to murder them as well? For that matter, that also describes full term infants and young babies...where do you draw the line?

And what is this "time in which abortion is normally undertaken" that you mentioned? What about late term abortion procedures, which are becoming increasingly common? These are often done at 6, 7 or even 8 months of development, at which time most babies are viable and differ little from full term infants except in size. (The Born Alive Infant Protection Act came about because a nurse at Christ Hospital found abortion survivors among the dirty laundry. These infants had lived hours, and even days, after the attempt to murder them had taken place. Many of these infants were at the same stage of developement as many premies.) So I guess that premature babies are fair game as well, huh?

Also, your argument that the money, resources, etc. to keep the unborn babies alive could be better spent on caring for other children is quite's kind of a leap to assume that someone aborting a child would turn around and devote the money, resources, etc, that would have gone into allowing the aborted infant to live to caring for a poor, hungry child somewhere else . You simply stated that allowing pre-born infants to live deprives other children of needed resources, but you failed to show how this supposedly takes place. You seem to just expect us to go along with your sick and twisted "logic"---just cause you say so.

For the record, I think the unborn babies YOU want to MURDER are much closer to being human beings than you are...You seem to have lost that thing that makes a person human a LONG, LONG time ago!

Once again, shame-shame-shame on you for EXPLOITING and USING poor and hungry children to try and justify your vicious and bloodthirsty mindset! I certainly hope all the people in "your neck of the woods" know about you so that they can keep you away from infants and small children!

p.s. And by the way, I have sponsored (and am currently sponsoring) more than one hungry child from a 3rd world many hungry children have sponsored?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...I tried on that "cute little white jacket" you mentioned. Unfortunately, it didn't fit. I think it was tailor-made for you since it had "sociopath" embroidered in BLOOD RED letters on the back!

3rd edit at "GiveMe..." The "rant" was your original response to this question and your weird, bizarre and totally twisted allegation that someone who speaks up for those who cannot speak for themselves is somehow guilty of murder...(still shaking my head over that one...")

As to proving that aborted infants feel pain, it seems to me that since YOU made the original statement that abortion victims feel no pain and presented it as fact, the burden of proof is on YOU to prove your statement is true. You sent us to a silly little website that makes more bizarre, unsubstantiated claims and statements which have not one single shred of evidence by any legitimate source to back them up. The fact that the website is called "prolifeismurder" tells all THINKING people what a non-biased, "scientifically based" source it is (NOT). Any moron in a padded cell can set up a website...

On the other hand, I presented you with information from a non-biased source (wikipedia, I believe...though there are many more LEGITIMATE sources out there.)

You said I can send you my list of questions and you will "set me straight" The fact is I've already presented you with questions and information which you are totally ignoring. You refused to respond to my information in any meaningful way. I guess you thought your insults and name calling would intimidate me and others into just overlooking the fact that YOUR RANT has absolutley NO basis in reseach or facts.

I see that you are still refusing to respond to my questions as to how a pre-born infant's level of "self-awareness" might correspond with those with Altzheimers, Autism, etc.

Of course, you are avoiding the whole late term abortion issue concerning abortion survivors and babies aborted at the same level of development as many babies born prematurely.

Also, I've noticed you didn't state how many poor, hungry children YOU are personally sponsoring!?!

Yeah, I can understand why you might want to just let this go...

I'll be around, however...and I will continue to challenge your

afore-mentioned weird, bizarre and unsubstantiated claims

if you choose to continue to post them in a public forum. You've got a right to do that, but I have a right to challenge you on them...and I think you'll find that I'm not easily intimidated by your insults.

It might be a good idea to do some research to prove your outrageous claims instead of relying on your "prolife is murder" schtick if you want people with a brain to take you seriously...

See you in the funny papers (LOL)

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