Math Awareness Month on April, 2022: Does nebody know some ways that math and the brain are interrelated

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April, 2022 is Math Awareness Month 2022. Mathematics Awareness Month 2012 Mathematics Awareness Month

Does nebody know some ways that math and the brain are interrelated??

I'm not sure what you mean by "interrelated" but mathematical models of the brain are very common - it is (more or less) what the fields of neural networks and artificial intelligence are based on.

Try googling things like:

"mathematics neural networks"

"mathematical models of the brain"

There is also the way in which the brain processes data (like images and sounds) and then stores it (like memories).

Try googling:

"brain signal processing"

"brain coding theory"

"brain data mining"

The brain actually does a lot of advanced mathematical things like interpolation, pattern recognition, and signal filtering. Other examples are that the way we see 3-D is that the brain takes two 2-D images (one from each eye) and "mathematically" computes distances based on the discrepancies in the pictures. Also things that we know as "optical illusions" are really situations where the brain is doing some mathematical function to "predict" something that isn't really true.

As far as calculus goes, I know that it is used in Neural networks (in the learning process) and in signal processing.

What is everyones take on child abuse and/or domestic violence since April is abuse awareness month

What is everyones take on child abuse and/or domestic violence since April is abuse awareness month...??

I think it is pathetic, there is no need to abuse anyone or anything, yes we all get angry and maybe say things we regret but if we realize our faults thats a start to maybe containing a little if not all the selfcontrol we have. Its all about teaching not only math, english, science etc. but teaching at a young age what selfcontrol is and how inportant it is. We are not perfect in my household but we do stress selfcontrol.

I’m good at all math except geometry?!?

I'm good at all math except geometry?!?

You are not alone, and do not feel 'dumb'. The human brain has a great capacity to understand and grasp concepts. And in some cases, it is gender-based. Boys can grasp math and geometry much faster and easier than some girls, as well as some engineering concepts.

You may need the services of a tutor or a learning method that makes it easy to understand. Then again, you may never 'click' with it. ...

Action Games Improve Women’s Spatial Abilities, Says New Study

While research has consistently shown that the male brain has advantages in spatial skills like geometry, interpreting technical drawings and reading maps, a new study says that playing action-oriented video games can equalize the sexes in that regard.

Researchers at the University of Toronto report they have observed a potential key component in the brains’ ability to process spatial information. It could account for the difference in abilities between the sexes. Jing Feng, lead author of the study, explains:

On average, women are not quite as good at rapidly switching attention among different objects and this may be one reason why women do not do as well on spatial tasks.

Even more important is what the research team discovered next:

Our second experiment showed that both men and women can improve their spatial skills by playing a video game and that the women catch up to the men… Moreover, the improved performance of both sexes was maintained when we assessed them again after five months.

Prof. Ian Spence, director of the university’s engineering psychology laboratory, speculated that playing twitch games activates certain genes responsible for developing neurons that process spatial awareness.

Clearly, something dramatic is happening in the brain when we see marked improvements in spatial skills after only 10 hours of game playing and these improvements are maintained for many months.

Spence hopes that this could lead to more women entering the fields of math and engineering, since spatial skills are an important component of these disciplines.

- Wondering how many applications to the College of Engineering will now list “plays video games” among the prerequisites, GP Canadian Correspondent Colin “Jabrwock” McInnes

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You can find all sorts of information on this. Go to and search on the following terms or phrases

why do boys do better in math

brain male female geometry math understanding get the point.

Good Luck, and do NOT feel DUMB. It has as much to do with genetics as with anything else!!

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