Get Organized Month on January, 2025: Organizing?

January, 2025 is Get Organized Month 2025. Steps To Get Organized‎ Read Our Tips On Organizing Your Important Documents & Passwords!

Get Organized Month

Get Organized Month has been available since 2005 because of the nation's Association of Professional Coordinators. The second tried to increase awareness of the significance of organization, along with the worth of employing an expert organizer.Studies have shown that individuals waste around an hour or so each day, normally, searching for things they’ve misplaced. This means that a lot of us waste around 15 days each year due to disorganization. So, it clearly is effective get organized because time may be the one commodity no one can recover.But, take it easy, its not necessary to employ an expert that will help you celebrate Get Organized Month. You're quite able to find yourself organized. All you need to do is decide to get it done. Once you discover what benefits you’ll be a consequence of being more organized, you may choose the specific area of the existence to tackle first.The important thing for you to get organized effectively isn't as much about creating a system but much more about adhering to that particular system. However, if you are unsure how to start, you will find lots of assets available on the web that may help you get began.Remember, honoring Get Organized Month is all about having your existence to be able to save time. You will possibly not have the ability to save that full hour every single day, but even when it will save you 1 / 2 of that point, this means an additional seven days the different options are doing some thing productive each year.


I notice there are lots of helpful answers... This is going to be a bit long, but I help people organize and I am a student at a University. I have 2 jobs; 3 Majors and am honoring in 2 of them. I am VERY busy but keep up with everything. So this is how I do it... it might be a little intense for someone in High School but use what you like!

I get a desk calendar and write out all my homework on it, I use different colored pens for the different classes. If there is too much to write I use symbols (like * for math homework instead of writing out a long list of the specific problems) but this helps with the long range planning (like papers being due later in the month)

I have a small notebook that I write all my stuff in. I don't have it as a calendar because I needed more space but didn't want a bigger calendar... I have used everything from a 4x6 spiral bound (with Johnny Depp on it) to a book I made myself with Coptic binding... what ever you like. I make a weekly calendar on the page opposite of the list for that week. I can see what needs to be done when.

Make sure that it is easy to fit in your backpack. Write down all your assignments and when they are due. In College we get a syllabus so we know what we are suppose to do weeks in advance, I don't know if this is true for you but you can always ask your teacher for assignments just to get a head start.

Have a 'staging' area. This is where you keep the books that you aren't using right now... any book that has to do with school goes on this one book shelf and nothing else goes there. You can find them easily and don't spend time looking around. Your backpack (or what ever bag you use) goes near there. Once a week, go through your bag and your books and toss any garbage and find those papers that got crunched in the bottom of your bag. It also is the time that you need to look at what is due and make a list in your notebook of the things that you need to get done over the next couple of days... anything that you need to remember goes in this book with time, place and date if relevant.

So: get a notebook - write assignments with due date - play with it until you get a method that you like and can stick with - I take time to make my pages fancy some times... use green and red ink for the Xmas season or whatever.

Get or make a large monthly calendar and write homework (especially if you have something due farther in the future)

Have a staging area where everything goes and nothing else. It can be a bookshelf or a box on the floor. It just have to be contained and nothing else goes there... your bag for school goes near it. Clean it out once a week and look for papers you need and toss garbage.

That should get you a far ways to being organized. The last thing I would say is to try different things in different ways to find that fit for you. When you find that fit, organization will just become part of your world and you won't have to work at it as much. Best of luck... I really wish that I had thought about becoming organized when I was still in high school. I might have gotten my College degree sooner!

Best of luck! (sorry it's so long)

church wedding in three months, enough time to organise??

church wedding in three months, enough time to organise??

We're being married on June 15, just a little less than 3 months away, also a Catholic church wedding, began planning about a month ago and have had no problems. We went through the pre-wedding counseling right away, and I'm sure if we were just starting our planning today we'd have no problems getting everything done! Just talk to the priest or deacon at the church you're using- they will help you navigate through the planning. We received a booklet with info. on readings to choose, music, and lists of people to contact for things. Our wedding is small- about 30 people- so that helped with the planning. That and the fact that it's on a Friday. We haven't had any trouble booking a place for our small reception Dinner, a photographer or anyone else we've contacted.

Again, talk to the clergyman and he'll help you. You can get it done in 3 months!

BTW, the "pre-counseling" we attended was just meeting with another married couple. We didn't go to the weekend thing, the Deacon didn't think we needed that. Perhaps yours will be the same.

Another way the egyptians could have organized 360 days into months?

Another way the egyptians could have organized 360 days into months?

From a very early time, the ancient Egyptians had a form of calendar based upon the phases of the moon followed a calendar system of 360 days, with three seasons, each made up of 4 months, with thirty days in each month. The seasons of the Egyptians corresponded with the cycles of the Nile, and were known as Inundation (pronounced akhet which lasted from June 21st to October 21st), Emergence (pronounced proyet which lasted from October 21st to February 21st), and Summer (pronounced shomu which lasted from February 21st to June 21st).

The beginning of the year, also called "the opening of the year", was marked by the emergence of the star Sirius, in the constellation of Canis Major. The constellation emerged roughly on June 21st., and was called "the going up of the goddess Sothis". The star was visible just before sunrise, and is still one of the brightest stars in the sky, located to the lower left of Orion and taking the form of the dogs nose in the constellation Canis Major.

Though the Egyptians did have a 360 day calendar, in a literal sense they did have a 365 day calendar system. The beginning of the year was marked by the addition of five additional days, known as "the yearly five days". These additional five days, were times of great feasting and celebration for the Egyptians, and it was not uncommon for the Egyptians to rituals, and other celebratory dealings on these days. As they made no provision for a leap year, the calendar and the seasons drifted out of step, and by the end of the Old Kingdom there was a discrepancy of five months.

The Egyptian calendar also took on other important functions within Egyptian life specifically in dealing with the astrology of the people. This was in the form of having other calendars used by the Egyptians like the solar (sun) calendar and the stellar (star) calendar.

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