Shape Up US Month on January, 2025: how do I get in shape for US army if im 16 and enlisting in 2 months?

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how do I get in shape for US army if im 16 and enlisting in 2 months?

you have plenty of time to get into shape, so you're saying that your parent is going to paper for you to enlisted? 16 is way too young to join even with your parents give you permission. no armed forces service will take you at the age of 16yrs.

i NEED to get in shape... HELP!?

i NEED to get in shape... HELP!?

Hi, this will help you get in shape. You need 2-3 months to build a base fitness, then a month or so of weights to build some strength. While building your base it is important not to do any activity that will take your heart rate above 165 and avoid weight lifting. You just want to run, bike, or swim in your heart range.

Base fitness building - Im guessing your age is under 18?

Step 1: get a heart rate monitor - I think polar is the best brand

Step 2: make sure you have a shoe that fits perfect on you and feels great! This is really important, just because you have a running shoe doesn't mean it is the right shoe for your foot.

Step 3: always warm up to your heart range over 5-10 minute period and cooldown after the run, you dont need to stretch.

Step 4: Warm up to your heart range of 155-165 and jog for as long as you have time for. You may just be walking for you at the heart range. If you are super fit you may have to work to hard to sustain running in that heart range, so you should do sprints and hills to help. If you find you are slow in that heart range be patient! You will speed up eventually as you get better fitness. Then when playing volleyball you should have a ton of endurance to keep you going.

Step 5: Weights and getting stronger also help, but I would build some fitness first by doing step 4.

Step 6: Make sure you are eating some good fats in your diet. Use olive oil to cook with or for salad dressing, eat nuts, eggs, put butter on your veggies, ect. FOLLOW THE DIET BELOW!!

Step 7: This is a really good blog and can help you if you have more questions probably.

If you have a smart phone, you can track your runs with GPS and there are programs that will tell you your pace and miles. Mostly what you want to focus on though, is time spent jogging and staying in your heart range. The more time your spend each jog, the better results you will get.

If you follow the below diet very religiously after 2 weeks you should have better energy, good metablosim, and better fitness. After 2 weeks adding 2-3 servings of fruit or fruit juicies, small portions of rice or beans, and small portions of honey as a sweeter, would be ok. Continue for another 2-3 months while building your base fitness.

Food to Eat

*Eggs (whites and yolk), unprocessed (real) cheeses, heavy (whipping) cream, sour cream

*Unprocessed meats including beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, fish, shellfish, and other

*Tomato, V-8, or other vegetable juices such as carrot juice


*Cooked or raw vegetable, EXCEPT potatoes and corn

*Nuts, seeds, peanut butters (butter were the oil is on top and you have to mix it)

*Only cook with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil, vinegar, mayonnaise, salsa, mustard, and spices

*Only use olive oil or baslamic vinegar for salad dressings

*Sea salt

*All coffee and tea (if you normally drink it) no cream or sweet tea

Foods to Avoid

*Bread, rolls, pasta, pancakes, cereal, muffins, chips, crackers, rice cakes, and similar carb foods

*Sweets, including products that contain sugar such as ketchup, honey, and many other prepared foods (read the labels)

*Fruits and fruit juice

*Highly processed meats such as cold cuts, which often contain sugar

*Potatoes (all types), corn, rice, and beans

*Milk, half and half, and yogurt

*So-called healthy snacks, including all energy bars and drinks

*All soda, including diet types

*No alcohol except dry wines are allowed


*Chew your food and eat slowly

*No water 20 minutes before you eat and an hour afterward, except to rinse mouth out if needed

*Drink 3-4L of water a day in-between meals

*Eat 5-6 times a day or every 2 hours if needed, you should never feel hungry, do not starve yourself this isn’t a diet

Why do US Navy E7/CPO/Chiefs refer to themselves as "Warriors"?

Why do US Navy E7/CPO/Chiefs refer to themselves as "Warriors"?

To the guy above me you stated....

"Ships are often in harms way and the crews are warriors just as much as the marines. "

Ok I have nothing against the US Navy, but this statement needs to be reworded or something. Warriors just as much as the Marines? Sitting in a nice warm ship, sipping coffie, and staring at a radar screen qualifies someone to be just as much as a warrior as a US Marine on patrol in Iraq, who gets into daily firefights in Al-Anbar provence, and who sleeps on the ground, hasnt had a shower in a month, and hasnt smelled hot food in 2 months and who actually does fight an enemy who fights back???

You think someone in the US Navy that sits on a ship is just as much as a warrior as a US Marine?

So why dont you go trade places with a Marine.....since your both warriors?

The US Navy does a great job, and I respect them they are the best Navy in the world.

A guy sitting on ship isnt a warrior like a Marine, any rational person already knows that, the thought of what you just said is nuts really.

Big O, you couldnt trade places with a Marine because you:

1. Dont know how to shoot weapons most likely aside from target practice at a firing range once a year, maybe once a career

2. Most likley are so out of shape that your health is at risk

3. Have absolutely no training, none on how to fight on the ground

4. You didnt want to fight the enemy at all, thats why you joined the Navy so you could still serve, but were at less risk.

Does that sound like a warrior to you? What it sounds like to me is that your the one who couldnt do the Marines job.

Thats why a sailor gets less respect than a Marine sorry, you know it and I know it. Its a simple fact.

You took the safe route, just deal with it and move on.

Go back and keep playing with your tri-corder Mr. Spock.

Btw, you could train Marines to do anything on a US Navy ship, but thats not why they joined the US armed forces, they wanted to fight, not sit back nice and safe and get fat. From what I see of the US Navy thats what you guys do mostly, aside from sitting there all smug and tricking yourself into believing that your smarter than Marines because they fight and you dont.

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