National Poverty in America Awareness Month on January, 2025: January is national what month in the US?

January, 2025 is National Poverty in America Awareness Month 2025. U.S. Poverty Statistics Half of all Americans will live in poverty some time before age 65.

January is national what month in the US?

National Bath Safety Month / National Blood Donor Month / National Braille

Literacy Month / National Hobby Month / Hot Tea Month / National Oatmeal Month / National Soup Month


January is “Poverty in America Awareness Month”



National Book Month / National Diet Month / Prune Breakfast Month / Fat Free Living

Month International Coffee Gourmet Month /Dried Plum Breakfast Month / Bread Machine Baking Month / National Egg month / National Fiber Focus Month / National Mail Order / Gardening / Month / National Retail Bakers Month / Wheat Bread Month / National Eye Health Care / National Hot Tea Month National Volunteer Blood Donor Month / Oatmeal Month


January is . . . . National Careers in Cosmetology Month / National Fiber Focus Month

i blv there r more.

is there calendar displaying national recognition weeks?

is there calendar displaying national recognition weeks?

Try this one:

Here is an example for Jan 2006

Monthly Events:

National Eye Health Care Month

National Hobby Month

National Soup Month

National Staying Healthy Month

National Thank You Month

National Book Month

Oatmeal Month

Hot Tea Month

Human Resource Month

March of Dimes Birth Defects Prevention Month

Prune Breakfast Month

Volunteer Blood Donor Month

Bald Eagle Watch Month

Bread Machine Baking Month

Celebration of Life Month

Fat Free Living Month

Get Over It Month

It's OK to be Different Month

Love Yourself Month

Clean Up Your Computer Month

Mail Order Gardening Month

Personal Self-Defense Month

Poverty in America Month

Reaching Your Potential Month

Yours, Mine & Ours Month

National Stamp Collectors Month

International Printing Month

Autism Awareness Month

National High-Tech

International Creativity Month

Celebrate the Past Month

Clinical Trial Awareness Month

Coffee Gourmet International Month

Bath Safety Month

Crime Stoppers Month

Hobby Month

National Letter Writing Month

Blended Family Month

National Candy Month

National Hot Tea Month

National Polka Month

Weekly Events:

Celebration of Life Week- Week One

Law Enforcement Training Week (Always the first full week of the year)- Week One

Lose Weight, Feel Great Week - Week One

Universal Letter Writing Week- Week Two

National Thank-Your-Customers Week- Week Two

School Crossing Guard Week- Week Two

Someday We'll Laugh About This Week- Week Two

Special Education Week- Week Three

Cuckoo Dancing Week- Week Three

National Fresh Squeeze Juice Week- Week Three

Healthy Weight Week- Week Three

National Glaucoma Week- Week Four

National Meat Week- Week Four

Kiss A Shark Week -Week Four (Please don't really kiss a shark.)

Hot Air Balloon Week - Week Four

Catholic Schools Week - 29 thru Feb.4

It is not in a calendar form, and it has more than medical stuff....but it is a start....

Ah, here is a better one!

If Mexico won’t help on deportation, what does that leave for America?

If Mexico won't help on deportation, what does that leave for America?

For Mexican ILLEGAL Aliens -

I Say Pack Em In Coast Guard C-130s

And Fly Them To The SOUTHERNMOST Point In Mexico

So It Wont Be As Easy To Return

They Will Not Be Dropped Off Just Over The Fence

With A Pat On The Back

And A Hearty " I'll SeeYa Tomorrow Manuel ! " (Labor)

Only To Jump The Fence And Return The Next Day

They'll Have The Whole Country Of Mexico To Travel Through

Just To Reach Our Border

Thats ALOT Of Travel Time To THINK About ILLEGAL Re-Entry

And Awareness Of This Practice

Will Provide Many ILLEGAL Aliens

The Opportunity To LEAVE On Their Own

To Prevent Themselves From Being Sent TOO FAR SOUTH

Of Their Homes In Mexico


Will Be Returned To Their Nations In A Similar Manner

The National Guard And The Coast Guard


To Effectively Move Large Amounts Of People

Our SOLDIERS Are Crammed Into C - 130s

To Go Overseas To Do Our Warring

ILLEGAL Aliens Shouldnt Be Treated Any Better Or Worse

A C-130 Can Carry Far More ILLEGAL ALIENS

Than A Commercial Airliner Or Bus


Set Up (Build) About Twenty (Thirty) Detention Centers

Throughout The USA

One For Every 3 - 4 States (Average) And Then Some

Many Of Them Along The US/Mexico Border

That Will Provide A Constant Military Prensense

At Strategic Locations On The Border

2000 Beds Per Center Will Be Plenty

The Size Of An Average Federal Prison

Guarded And Operated By

Joint National Guard/Coast Guard Officials

As ILLEGAL Aliens Are Discovered In Our Nation

By Local Law Enforcement And ICE

They Will Be Transported By Bus Or Air

By The National Guard Or Coast Guard

Within 48 - 60 Hours

To The Nearest Detention Center


To The Point FURTHEST From The USA

In Their Nation Of Origin

Airstrip(s) At The Newly Constructed Detention Centers


Will Ensure Full Time Operation

And MINIMAL Taxpayer Funded Housing For ILLEGAL ALIENS

The Average Stay For A Deportee

In One Of These Centers Will Be Less Than 48 - 60 Hours

We Will Be Transporting Found ILLEGALS

To The Detention Centers

And Flying Them Out Of The Nation Round The Clock

On Military Cargo Planes

When There Are Enough Detainess To Fill The Plane

The Center Is Emptied

And The Process Begins Again

We Can Move MILLIONS Per Month In This Manner

And The Rate Of Return (Re-Entries)

Will Be All But Halted

Time Of Discovery To Time Of Deportation =

LESS Than 120 Hours (5 Days)

I Think We Should Start Exportation Proceedings

With ALL

FEDERAL Prisoners

State Prisoners

And County Prisoners


(WE THE PEOPLE Can Play That Castro Game Too)

Using The Number 20 Million ILLEGAL ALIENS To Start

Within 5 Years

There Will Be LESS THAN 1 Million ILLEGAL Aliens

In The USA

And MASS Deportation Will Be A Thing Of The Past


Will Be Regular Maintenance Of Homeland Security

At That Point,

Mexico Will Be FORCED

To Deal With Her Poverty

As Thousand And Thousands

Of ANGRY, Homeless MEXICAN Ctizens

Are Turned Loose In Mexicos Southwest

After Being Deported From The US Southwest

Same Scenario In OTM Nations

As They Exit The Aircraft, We Will Issue Them

One Brand New Mexican Flag Each

Or WHATEVER Flag They Want To Wrap Themselves In

So They Can Organize Their Northbound March

And Protest Against US Immigration Laws

Through Mexico

Wrapped Patriotically

In The Flag Of THEIR Nation

Like They Did When Marching And Protesting In Ours

Efficient Military Scheduling

And Efficient Military Operational "TROOP MOVEMENT"

Will Provide Swift, Affordable Deportation

At The Wholesale Cost Of Military Freight

Humane Enough For Our TROOPS

Humane Enough For Our Deportees


And It Will Get Done With Military Precision

The Cost Of 60 - 80 Military Flights(Fuel And Organization)

Out Of The US Per Day Is A Nominal Expense

From A Military Standpoint

Simple, Easy, Painless, Cost Effective

For angela R (Below Me)


I Didn't Stay Up All Night

My Answers Boggle Only The Simple Minded

This Is Economics 101 Babe

Realize That What Ive Shown Here IS Easily An Option

For Humane, Cost Efficient Repatriaton Of ILLEGAL ALIENS

LESS Than 1/2 The PROJECTED Costs


(Greyhounds/TWA Etc.)

Cost Of Deportation

Is No Longer An Arguement For Amnesty




To Their Nation Of Origin


Cost 0f 1,891 Mile Mexican/U.S. Border Fence =

14 Days of Iraq War

Posted by The Watchdog - August 6th, 2006

Cost 0f 1,891 Mile Mexican/U.S. Border Fence =

14 Days of Iraq War

Posted by The Watchdog -

August 6th, 2006


Below is a sample of homeland security items

in the FY2007 Budget,

their estimated costs,

and the time it takes the Pentagon to burn through

the same amount in Iraq.

* 1,500 new Border Patrol agents:

$459 million ($306,000 per agent)

Iraq spending equivalent: 1.9 days

* Container Security Initiative (CSI)

to pre-screen U.S.-bound cargo

at more than 40 foreign ports:

$139 million

Iraq spending equivalent: 13.9 hours.

* An additional 6,700 Detention Bed Spaces

to replace “catch and release” with a “catch and return” policy:

$410 million.

Iraq spending equivalent: 1.7 days

* An enhanced Worksite Enforcement program

to “send a strong deterrence message to employers

who knowingly hire illegal workers…”:

$41.7 million

Iraq spending equivalent: 4.2 hours

* Border technology to enhance electronic surveillance:

$100 million

Iraq spending equivalent: 10 hours

* 18 additional Fugitive Operations teams (raising the total to 70)

dedicated to catching the estimated 450,000 individuals

who have absconded following their deportation orders:

$30 million

Iraq spending equivalent: 10 hours

* Completion of the San Diego Border Infrastructure System,

including multiple fences and patrol roads:

$30 million

Iraq spending equivalent: 3 hours

And now for the grand finale.

Although this last item is the least costly,

it may yield one of the biggest benefits.

After the first 10 miles of border fence was completed,

arrests of illegal immigrants

trying to cross the San Diego border sector plummeted

from about 25,000 per year to 3,000 per year.

But of course the San Diego fence

pushed the illegal influx eastward,

into the (less hospitable) Arizona desert.

A serious commitment to border security

would require fencing off the entire southern border—

all 1,891 miles of it.

(For comparison, we have 40,000 miles of Interstate highways.)

At $1.7 million per mile

(the cost of the first 10 mile stretch in San Diego),

the entire U.S.-Mexican border could be sealed off

for $3.3 billion dollars.

Iraq spending equivalent: 13.8 days.

Cost/benefit analysis, anyone?

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