Girl Scout Week on March, 2025: Girl scouts?

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Girl scouts?????????????

My first year of girl scouts was in 2nd grade. We met twice a week. The day that you met depends on the days in which your troup leaders pick.

Yes, I have had lots of fun in girl scouts. But, scouts isn't just about fun, it is about learning, and helping others. Girl scouts is a very open thing so there is definitely something that will spark your interest. Girl scouts can work on badges, charms and award (bronze, silver, gold) No matter what project you are working on it is up to you (or your leader or troop) to decide what you are going to do. Girl scouts isn't very strict when it comes to earning badges, charms, and awards. They will allow you to choose what to do.

During the summer there is also Girl Scout camps. These camps are cheaper. So if your family can't afford to send you to a regular girls camp you can go to a Girl Scout camp. I have been to a few of these camps and learned so much there. Not all of it was fun (fell of a horse) but I learned so much and made some great friends.

Right now I am a Juliet scout or independent scout. Which means that I don't have a troop, but work by myself. So if you can't find a troop nearby you can be an independent scout.

Hope this helps,

Calling all Girl Scouts?!?!?

Calling all Girl Scouts?!?!?

Girl Scouts, as of this year, is almost entirely basing everything on grade, not age (I say almost, because some Councils aren't adopting the new rules this year, but most are). The grade you're in determines which GS level you're in, and *that* determines which insignia you can earn. The GSUSA website hasn't entirely been updated to remove the old references to when things were more age based.

Girl Scout Juniors are the ones who can earn the Bronze Award, and are in grades 4-5 (previously 4-6). Since this is a year of transition, girls who are in the 6th grade, but registered as Cadettes *are* allowed to work on the Bronze award, but they cannot do anything towards the Silver Award until the Bronze is completed.

Girl Scout Cadettes are grades 6-8 (formerly 7-9). That is the level that works on the Silver Award.

Girl Scout Seniors (grades 9-10, formerly 10-12) and Girl Scout Ambassadors (grades 11-12, new level) work on the Gold Award.

So, unless you're a few years older than your classmates and are still with a Junior troop, your GS Leader is correct.

(You have until Sept 30th of the year to complete the award, so if you're just starting 7th grade this year, you have until *this* Sept. 30th to finish the Bronze Award. But if you haven't begun it yet, it's impossible to do it in one week!)

Girl scout Leaders?

Girl scout Leaders?

Looking at the requirements for the badge, and wanting to select the "cheapest" I would have the girls do "#s 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8.

1 - Green Team - make a list together, each girl should also make her own list to take home and put on the fridge. She can make notes on the list to bring back to the troop. Have a discussion about how things went while they do #6.

3 - Every Drop Counts - Contact your local water department. Chances are they have water-saving devices that they usually give out at fairs or similar events. If not, search the net for water saving things you can do at home without the special devices (like putting a brick in the water tank of the toilet to reduce water use)

4 - What's Watt - Fun activity...don't forget that light bulb in the oven or fridge!

6 - Trashy Art - Have girls bring stuff that they saved for a week from home, pile it in the middle of the kitchen table and see who can create what.

7 - Paper Rules! - Collect the bags that the girls have at home, take the decorated bags to the store and talk to the manager. Most big chain stores love to help out kids with projects like this. Don't forget to take a picture so that you can send it to your local paper and let them know about your girl's service project and the store's participation.

8 - Clean and Healthy - Can be either a big project, or as small as possible. We picked up trash in a local park during a meeting.

Dont forget - Take lots of pics of the girls doing these things and then request to visit your Council's Board meeting to show the pics, display the art and talk about what they learned. Many councils get overlooked by troops. The adults that serve there really enjoy hearing from the girls they represent. Also submit the pics and a blurb about what you did to the local paper, many large papers have a youth section, our small local paper runs most every youth activity submission we give them. Finally, keep a copy for your troop's memory book or photo album. At the end of the year, or even a couple years down the road, you'll be surprised how much the girls remember about their experience and how much they'll say they enjoyed it (even if they didn't!!!LOL!! I kid you not!)

Have fun and good luck!!

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