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My Story/Situation (experienced daters please)?

Im am glad to hear you have plans for your future. Says a lot about you and your upbringing. Do you see yourself owning your own company? Maybe politics? Whatever you decide I am sure you will do your research. The reason I am asking is because you sound confident. At least I hope its confidence and not being conceited. There are fragments of your story where I was confused. So I would prefer not to assume the worst about someone but sum a few things up first to get on the same page...

First of all, she didn't choose partying over a relationship with you....she chose herself over a relationship with you...she is thinking "been there done that...know how it ends." I have never looked in the mirror and said to my I am ugly I need help. I have always known how fortunate I was to be considered "good looking" ...But I had a personality to match. That is what made me attractive to every girl I met. You need to evaluate your opinion on having a few beers and deciphering the difference between being a drunk. (something happen in your past?) Your opinion will make your options very few and far between if you don't. People and potential dates will judge you by how you judge others.( i know dont ask..just one of those things) Not to say you should go back on morals but loosen the tie a little. I am considered one of the nicest guys in my circle. In fact, my wife told me the other day that in one week...two of her friends told her she had a perfect husband. Oh by the way, I drink 2-3 times a month and love it. Having said that...lets move on.

As far as your ex girlfriend is concerned its tuff but let her go.... She is happy sounds like to me...Be happy for her and lets completely focus on you. Do you like yourself? Because if you dont its only a matter of time before women pick up on it. Being happy is being content with what you have.( just in case you didn't know)

I have used every angle on dating women. 80% worked...Thats a staggering figure by the way...not bragging just saying "you came to the right place my friend." Back to self evaluation... You mentioned playing basketball and staying active. Great way to do it. So your OK with your shape. Lets do a few things and see how this works.

1. Go get a new shirt and a pair of slacks. Nothing too flashy or loud and don't overspend. This economy will eat you alive.

2. Go get a hair cut. I feel like a completely different person just after having one.

3. Go to an event (alcohol or no alcohol) and talk to the first women you make eye contact one needs to know what is in your cup. Socializing is an absolute must at this stage of the game.

4. Make sure to go an event twice a week...once thru the week. I met my wife on a thursday and we have 5 kids together. ( in 3 years) JUST KIDDING! I met her online at PLENTY OF FISH. 100% free. I had found myself in search of someone I had managed to let slip away as you did. You can select drinkers and non drinkers smokers or non smokers. Fat skinny dumb smart broke or rich. It really is a more specific way for someone like you to try because you know exactly what your looking for and you dont sound like one to settle. And your right....they are out threre and there is one for you. One more thing to remeber while searching....looks fade personality is forever.


Would you read this? Story idea?

Would you read this? Story idea?

To much writing

How would you feel if your ex became fat?

How would you feel if your ex became fat?

"Weight shouldn't be an issue." I see that all the time on Yahoo! But in fact, it does. I saw a story recently that more than half of guys would stop dating their girlfriend if she got fat. Sorry, it didn't talk about what women would do if their guy gets fat.

But I think you already have your answer, she said it, "yea a lil bit". No point in pursuing this any further because she has indicated to you she is interested in the "athletic type", not a fat guy. She only said "a lil bit" and not "it's a deal breaker" because she wanted to let you down easy. Take the hint. Either get back in shape or forget this one.

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