Girls Write Now Day 2024 is on Friday, March 8, 2024: Is it true that only the girls writes a daily diary?

Friday, March 8, 2024 is Girls Write Now Day 2024. Every Girl. Everywhere Global Feminine Hygiene Program empowering girls and women globally

Is it true that only the girls writes a daily diary..?

Not true; some girls keep a diary, some boys keep a diary. It depends on the person not on the sex. Although little girls are encouraged to keep a diary more than boys are, for sure.

The only person I know who keeps a daily diary that they write in, without fail, every single male. (And he's been keeping that diary for something like 25+ years; he started when he was a kid.)

I want to write my girl friend a poem for Valentine’s Day?

I want to write my girl friend a poem for Valentine's Day?

you deffinately have to write a poem ...its such a sweet idea and she will love it =D

try searching in the poetry section you might get more answers there... is something i just wrote up...its not that good ....but it might help you get the poem started...idk a girl btw i tried writing from i guys prespective...but yeah....

one day i saw her smile

the way i feel

i cannot explain

you r my all

you mean everthing to me

not a day goes by that i do not think of you

you cannot imagin how much i love you

if only i could tell you

if only you knew

i cannot live with out you

every second im away from you

it hurts so much

i need you

in my life

the day i met you

i could not forget you

i can not live with out

you are my life

i feel like im dreaming

every day your on my mind

our love gets stronger with every word we say

stronger every day

you know i would do anything for you

we give each other strength

to make it through the darkness

you take me to a place i never want to leave

im in my deepest dream,

i don't ever want to wake up.

im lost for words when i see you

all i can say is i love you.

its really badly structured and stuff cause i wrote it in like 2 secs but yeah i hope it helps..... =]

If a girl writes her name on my binder does that mean she likes me?

If a girl writes her name on my binder does that mean she likes me?

Cute :)

Teen girls are flirty and friendly and write hearts everywhere without even thinking about it. They are the ultimate social butterflies! I would've guessed that she liked you but you say that you saw she wrote that she likes someone else. So, she might like you too, but she might just be being a flirty teen girl. At the very least she likes you as a person or she would never write her name on your binder. My guess is that she likes you at least a little and maybe a lot more...but maybe she likes that other guy, too, so be careful not to fall too hard for her until ur sure of her real feelings. :) Best of luck!

EDIT in response to your additional details: It is taking a chance, but since you like her so much, why not flirt back a little? :)

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