Proof Reading Day 2024 is on Friday, March 8, 2024: How much evidence and proof would it take for you to abandon your beliefs?

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Proof Reading Day

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How much evidence and proof would it take for you to abandon your beliefs?

You are doing good to read and go to the library,but have you ever thought that every book in any library was written by men?

Well the bible was penned down by men ,but it was inspired of God. That's easy to understand. What about a boss that tells his Secretary to write a letter to this company. The boss tells her only a few important details and the secretary write it. Whose letter is it?.But that's just a side point.

Here are some scientific facts in the bible that man could have read and be spared stupidity.

Genesis 1:1-31 describes the progressive order of earth’s preparation for human habitation

Job 26:7; Isa 40:22 speaks of the earth as being spherical and hung on “nothing”

Leviticus11:6 classifies the hare as a cud chewer

Le 17:11-14 tells us“the soul of the flesh is in the blood” (there are many other examples)

The Bible is scientifically sound.Was all physical creation accomplished in just six days sometime within the past 6,000 to 10,000 years?

The facts disagree with such a conclusion: (1) Light from the Andromeda nebula can be seen on a clear night in the northern hemisphere. It takes about 2,000,000 years for that light to reach the earth, indicating that the universe must be at least millions of years old. (2) End products of radioactive decay in rocks in the earth testify that some rock formations have been undisturbed for billions of years.

Genesis 1:3-31 is not discussing the original creation of matter or of the heavenly bodies. It describes the preparation of the already existing earth for human habitation. This included creation of the basic kinds of vegetation, marine life, flying creatures, land animals, and the first human pair. All of this is said to have been done within a period of six “days.” However, the Hebrew word translated “day” has a variety of meanings, including ‘a long time; the time covering an extraordinary event.’ (Old Testament Word Studies, Grand Rapids, Mich.; 1978, W. Wilson, p. 109) The term used allows for the thought that each “day” could have been thousands of years in length.

Scientists have learned that matter is a concentrated form of energy. This is demonstrated with the explosion of nuclear weapons. Astrophysicist Josip Kleczek states: “Most and possibly all elementary particles may be created by materialization of energy.”—The Universe (Boston, 1976), Vol. 11, p. 17.

From where could such energy come? After asking, “Who has created these things [the stars and planets]?”, the Bible states regarding Jehovah God, “Due to the abundance of dynamic energy, he also being vigorous in power, not one of them is missing.” (Isa. 40:26) So God himself is the Source of all the “dynamic energy” that was needed to create the universe.

Did God create all the millions of varieties of organisms that exist on earth today?

Genesis chapter 1 says simply that God created each “according to its kind.” In preparation for the global Flood in Noah’s day, God directed that representative members of each “kind” of land animal and flying creature be taken into the ark. Each “kind” has the genetic potential for great variety. Thus there are reportedly more than 400 different breeds of dogs and upwards of 250 breeds and types of horses. All interfertile varieties of any animal are just one Genesis “kind.” Similarly, all varieties of humans—Oriental, African, Caucasian, those as tall as the seven-foot Dinka in the Sudan and as short as the four-foot-four-inch Pygmies—stem from the one original pair, Adam and Eve

Please read some other reliable material . Like the book " Life how did it get here by evolution or by creation. you can obtain one at you local Kingdom Hall or from one of Jehovah's witnesses.

Keep on searching.

please proof read!!!!!?

please proof read!!!!!?

Please proof read!!!!!?

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn please correct any errors thanks!!

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is about a boy named Huck who goes through a lot of obstacles. These obstacles include living with Mrs. Watson, being kidnapped by his father, running away, and having all of his stuff stolen, like corn meal, coffee, sugar, the axe, the bucket, the gourd and the canoe.

Huck leaves home and meets Jim and, sets “the ******” free. Huck and Jim went and stayed at the Grangerford’s. The Grangerford's two sons,Tom and Bob, gave them a home for a while.

Then Huck pretended that he was Tom Sawyer so he could stay at the (tell whose house) house. Aunt Sally and Uncle Sailas took “Tom Sawyer “ in. After a long journey with a lot of adventures, Huck finally went home, and set Jim free.

Huck is definitely the best character in the book. He is the only one who can talk right. Huck isn’t like all the other kids. He is a lot smarter than most people give him credit for. They look at him and think that he is stupid, because of the way he looks. I think all the characters like Huck. For example, Jim really likes "Tom" a lot and I also think that Buck really liked him. I think Charlotte kind of used him because she had him go get her bible for her but she was really flirting with him. Aunt Sally and Uncle Sailas really came to like him too.

Huck reacts to these kind and gracious people who let him live with them by using them, stealing, and telling lies to all of them. He never tells the truth.

(Think about a more positive ending. I haven't read the book in a million years, but is there some good stuff at the end about Huck? I think there is. You worked hard at getting story details in there. Good job.)

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does any one like proof reading?please?!?

does any one like proof reading?please?!?

I worked as a I guess I liked it.


Don’t Blink to Fast

Sponge-Bob can get extremely boring after watching the same episodes more than once, but there was nothing else on that Friday morning of August 15th 2008.

I remember this date as if I had studied hard for it, as I would for a challenging final, and it’s a day I will never forget.

I was at a friend’s house, and there were five of us sitting on one couch in front of an average sized T.V.; we were constantly flipping through the numerous channels. All zoned out in our own little worlds, bored out of our minds, I think that’s why it startled us in such a manner when my phone started buzzing.

I looked at it, picking it up off the coffee table, and said “Hello” to the voice on the other end.

It was my mother.

She informed me that she was on her way to come get me, and that I needed to be ready, for no apparent reason, which is what I thought at that specific time.

Before I knew it, she was in the driveway honking the horn.

Later, during our car ride home, I was told my brother-in-law had died the previous night; a motorcycle accident had been the cause.

It was like a slap in the face, being told something like that just after having fun the night before, and being surrounded by friends.

Here was my family getting this devastating news, and then there was me; not at home, having an amusing night with others.

I had to catch my balance and think what my next move would be; Do I break down completely, like an old beat up car? Or do I hold myself together like glue and be strong for my sister and family?

He was a perfectly healthy, outgoing guy, so his death was vague and unexpected, like a dream that didn’t make sense.

I just sat there and stared blankly out the window of the car.

The day of his funeral, about a week later, I realized that this wasn’t a dream; life had changed for me and many others.

I woke up and was eased back into actuality.

At that moment, sitting there in a church pew enveloped by family and friends, it hit me in an unusually hard way. A wave of emotions took over me and I cried for him for the first time since the mishap.

I wasn’t close to him at all he never seemed like a great part of my life, although he had been in it for plenty of years. He never paid me any mind, I was just some random girl thrown in his life, his wife’s little sister, his daughters aunt.

Those last two sound important don’t they?

So why did I feel like such an unimportance to him? I don’t understand and cannot comprehend why it made such an impact on me.

I guess the reality that life and death are so closely related, and are much closer to each other than they appear, really took a toll on me.

People never know what they’re going to face next in life.

Throughout my sixteen years of living, I have come to see that I have to prepare myself for anything and everything. Through this death experience, I have cultivated the beauty of life, and all the things it has to offer. I have witnessed something that has been a life-changing occurrence, and have come to appreciate the people that I love more than ever, and not take them for granted in any way. I’ve come to my senses about living life; it’s like searching for treasure.

Discoveries may not always satisfy every individuals taste, no matter how long it’s taken to find it.

But while searching for whatever it is, one strives to seek, live life to its fullest, because anything can happen in the blink of an eye.


Hope this helps! I edited some of your wording, but not enough to change it into something different.

Also, I did a little paragraphing, that seemed to be your main problem, and added some punctuation.

Your wording is very good, and this article holds alot of maturity in it. I congratulate you on being so insightful for your age.

If this is a true-life story, I'm very sorry. It seems to have made you mature ahead of you time.

Good luck in English!

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