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Whats a good dry food?

Bad dog foods


Bil jac



Science diet



Pet promise

Good life recipe


- Beneful

-Moist and meaty

-Mighty dog

-Purina one

-Purina dog chow

- Aplo

-Chef Michale's

Some good brands:

- Orijen

- Acana

(both are made by Champion Pet Foods)

- Evo

- California Natural

- Innova

(all three made by Natura)

- Taste of the Wild

- Merrick

- Timberwolf

- Ziwipeak (freeze dried & canned raw)

- Nature's Variety (avoid the rabbit formulas; the rabbit is from China, but everything else is great and high-quality)

- Weruva (they only have canned food)

- Fromm

- Holistic Choice

- Pinnacle

- Wellness CORE and Super5Mix lines

- BLUE Buffalo Wilderness line

- Wysong (freeze dried raw, and I think they came out with some dry food, but I haven't had a chance to check it out)

- Primal Pet (frozen raw)

- Freshpet (prepared wet foods and food in rolls)

- Dogswell Nutrisca and canned food from regular line (avoid the jerky treats; they're made in China)

Good budget-friendly foods:

- Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul

- Whole Foods 365 Holistic line (regular line is crap)

- Premium Edge

- Nature's Domain

- Pelican Bay

- Merrick Whole Earth Farms line

- Kirkland Signature

- Trader Joe's (avoid treats, though; too much corn)

- Diamond Naturals (avoid regular Diamond line)

- 4Health

You want a food that has a larger amount of meat (meat is the first ingredient, and if it's a fresh meat, it should be backed up by a more concentrated meat meal, because fresh meat loses water content during processing and drops down the ingredient list; I just like having fresh meat to improve the overall protein quality), and all ingredients should be specified (no meat and bone meal, or chicken by-products), and passed fit for human consumption (make sure this is stated somewhere, or contact the company; "chicken" may not be human grade chicken). There shouldn't be any artificial additives (artificial colors, flavors, menadione, etc.), or cheap and possibly hard to digest fillers (like wheat, brewers rice, soy, and corn in higher amounts). Sweeteners like corn syrup are not acceptable either. The company should not have their fish meals preserved with Ethoxyquin (again, not something stated) over 0.5 ppm, and it's best if their manufacturers and suppliers do not use Ethoxyquin. The company should not use outsourced ingredients ("Josie at Nutro", the foods I listed are not outsourced, and way better than Nutro; your marketing attempts totally fail).

Orijen is the best on the market if you're looking for dry food. It's grain-free, has a high protein & meat content, has lots of fish and salmon oil for omega 3's, and is independently manufactured for better quality control. The ingredients are fresh and regional (there are rarer proteins, too, like wild boar) and all passed fit for human consumption. The price reflects that, but if you can afford it, it's worth it.

A high meat commercial raw food is second best (very pricey, though), and a homemade Prey Model raw meal is the best, although you'll need the time, storage, and a place to get cheap meat, buy in bulk, etc.

Puppy getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom?

Puppy getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom?

I've never heard of a five month old puppy being switched to adult food. My dog was on puppy food until almost a year old. Five month old pups are STILL puppies and STILL growing... therefore i would assume still needing that nutrition in puppy food.

I would get a second opinion from another vet on that, if i where you.

And when you switch, do so to a GOOD quality food. Iams, Pedigree, Purina, and (unnamed) dog chow are all poor quality. A dog food should have named meats and meat meals in the top six ingredients, NO corn, NO by-products, and quality grains/vegetables.

Innova, Taste of the Wild, Wellness, California Natural - good foods.

Last feeding should NEVER be after six. Feed last meal at five or so. That gives the dog time to digest and have to go prior to bed time. A puppy should also be fed three times a day, not two.

Add in a couple of teaspoons of plain, boiled, white rice with his meals. Rice helps solidify stool. I was told to give my dog kaopectate when she had the runs - ask your vet if that's an option.

I would look into another vet altogether. He should have given you a reason to swap food (even though vets aren't big experts on food in general, or they wouldn't promote the crap brands they do now). And a reason to swap a five month old pup from puppy to adult.

feeding my great dane (experienced owners only please!)?

feeding my great dane (experienced owners only please!)?

None of the foods you have been feeding are appropriate for a Dane. They contain way too much grain and too little meat.

Some good food choices for your Dane..Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul regular adult or large breed adult, Innova, Solid Gold, Merrick, Taste of the Wild, California Natural, Canidae ALS, Canidae Before Grain, Wellness Super5 Mix Chicken, Wellness CORE just to name a few...

At 18 months you don't have to be concerned about the protein content...it was during growth that you needed to be careful especially of calcium levels. You do need to make sure that the food you feed has meat as at least the first 2-3 ingredients and that it doesn't contain corn, wheat, soy, by products, animal fat, animal digest, dyes or beet pulp.

Do NOT soak your dogs food..there is no need to do this....it is totally unnecassary and won't do a thing as far as preventing bloat is concernd...also the better quality the food the less you need to worry about it swelling in the stomach. If you wish to moisten it that's fine, many dogs enjoy it moistened. Moisten it lightly with warm water just before feeding....I don't know what supplements you are giving your dog, but when feeding your dog a good quality food there is no need to give supplements....actually certain suplements can cause more harm then good especially in Danes.

I feed TOTW to my show Dane. He gets 4 cups per day...2 in the am and 2 in the pm..he also gets a 1/3 can of wet food mixed in am & pm. (Important make sure you are feeding your Dane twice daily..not just once) I rotate the TOTW between the High Paraire and the Wetlands..My boy weighs 180..... The rescue Dane eats Canidae ALS (he's my sons Dane) he also eats 4 cups per day..2 am & 2 pm and has wet food mixed in. For wet food I rotate between Chicken Soup, Taste of the Wild and Merrick. My new show pup will go on Chicken Soup Large Breed Adult.

The only supplements I ever use for Danes is Vit C when they are puppies and as they get older they get Glucosamine/chondrotin with MSM..that's it.

I suggest taht you join Danes Online and get in on the food discussions

I also suggest you join the yahoo group Great Dane Food Study.

*****do not feed a Lamb & Rice food unless your Dane has a specific medical reason. Lamb & Rice diets aren't meant to be fed long term. They can cause copper toxicity********

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