Passion Fruit and Peach Month on September, 2024: How much would this diet cost a week month?

September, 2024 is Passion Fruit and Peach Month 2024. Mandarin, Peach & Passion Fruit Trifle Mandarin, Peach & Passion

How much would this diet cost a week/ month?

I don't no exactly what it cost but your plan contains alot of fruit Whitch is good and fruit Is cheap you can buy a full bag of bananas for just £1 potatoes are also cheap goodluck

Tonsillectomy in a month...?

Tonsillectomy in a month...?

i'm 24 and i had my tonsils out last september so i can tell you some of my personal experience and give you some tips. and i talked to my ENT about everything prior to having it done so some of what i tell you came directly from the dr.

the recovery process takes about 10 days.

you will most likely be taking liquid lortab (which tastes nasty) and liquid amoxicillin (the yummy bubble gum med that you most likely took at some point in your childhood)

take the pain killers when ever you can. even if your pain isn't all that bad cuz if you skip doses the pin will come back to haunt you. and you may think there isn't enough medicine to last the whole recovery but don't worry cuz they usually allow for one refill which will give you more than enough.

as much as it may hurt make sure you have lots to drink cuz that will actually lessen the pain and recovery time in the long run. \

when you sleep make sure you set an alarm for at least every 2hrs to have a drink cuz your throat will get extremely dry especially cuz your mouth will most likely be open while sleeping.

i'll break down my pain levels day by day to give you an idea of what your recovery may be like. i'll give it to you on a scale of 1-10

day 1 and 2 (2-10)

day 3 (4-10)

day 4, 5, 6, 7 (8-10)

day 8 and 9 (4-10)

day 10 (2-10)

by day 12 i was pretty much back to normal.

the reason the pain will not be too bad and then will rise is cuz as the scabs are forming and your throat is healing it makes it hurt more.

once the scabs start falling off the pain starts going away again.

you'll get a nasty taste in your mouth DO NOT TRY TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. its due to the scabs forming. you do not want to try to get rid of the scabs before they come off on their own. if you try to brush back there or use mouth wash the scabs may come off before they are ready and you would start bleeding which can be life threatening and you would need to go to the ER.

the scabs usually come off between 8-12 days after the surgery. you'll sudenly feel the need to cough and after a few good coughs you'll spit out a piece of scab. for me the nasty taste in my mouth suddenly shot through my nose. i actually thought the scab was gonna come out of my nose (of course it didn't but it was weird how the taste become an extreme smell in my nose as i coughed the scabs out).

you cannot use ibuprofen for 3 weeks prior to the surgery and you cannot start back up using it until 3 weeks after the surgery. ibuprofen can thin blood which would put you at a much higher risk of bleeding.

you also cannot use a straw until 3 weeks after the surgery.

as far as food goes you are not supposed to have any dairy. i know so many people say "you can eat all the ice cream you want" but thats not true. back in the day drs used to recommend ice cream cuz its soft and cold but they do not recommend it any more cuz dairy creates a lot of mucous which will cause a lot of congestion and you'll have to cough hard to try to get in out and coughing will highly irritate your throat. plus the congestion causes you to loose your voice.

(i did not have any dairy during my recovery and i could talk just fine and i was not congested at all)

things to drink are:

-tons of cold water

-apple juice

-passion fruit juice

-peach juice


for the first 3 days the only things you are supposed to "eat" are things like jello, popsicles, and soup broth. (thats why you need to have a wide variety of drinks so you don't get extremely bored with your diet)

after the first 3 days you can start eating things like:

-mashed potatoes

-mac n cheese



-apple sauce


-baked beans. (my ENT was in shock when i said i loved eating baked beans during my recovery but that was cuz he usually deals with little kids like under 10yrs old and knows many kids don't like them lol)

you'll go for a 10 day check up. the dr will just look at your throat they won't poke around or anything so don't worry about that happening. as long as they say you look good you'll be able to go back to a pretty much normal diet. they suggest still eating fairly soft foods. (i had a mcdonalds cheeseburger when i left the appointment).

you just cannot eat chips or pretzels for 3 weeks after the sugery cuz they are rough.

also you cannot exercise for about 3 weeks afer surgery as well cuz they don't want you to strain anything.

you do still have a risk of bleeding for 4-6 weeks after the surgery so you souldn't make any plans that require you to leave the area.

Which fruits can I feed my 3 month old Guinea Pig?

Which fruits can I feed my 3 month old Guinea Pig?

you can feed them mant things some you can only give them alittle of somthing though they can have:

Apple (Seeds are Poisonous)



Asian Pear


Banana (Can cause constipation)


Beet greens


Belgian Endive





Brussels Sprouts

Cabbage (Green)

Cabbage (Red)

Carrot tops / leaves

Carrots (Can cause liver problems)

Cauliflower / Broccoli flower

Celery leaves

Celery Root / Celeriac

Celery stalks (cut into small pieces)

Cherries (Remove stones)

Chives (Feed in moderation)

Cilantro / Chinese Parsley Coriander greens

Collard greens

Corn on cob/strings/leaves/stalks


Cranberries (whole fruit, not juice)

Cucumber (Not pickled)

Currants (Black-Leaves also edible)

Currants (Red)

Dandelion greens

Dates (High in Sugar when dried)


Feijoa / Pineapple Guava

Figs (High in Sugar when dried)

Garden Cress


Grapefruit (Acid may cause sores on mouth)

Grapes (High in Sugar when dried)

Grass (wheat grown in pots)

Green Beans in pods / String Beans

Green Endive

Green Leek tops (Feed in moderation)

Green Onion tops Feed in moderation)


Hay (Alfalfa) (Only treats for Adults)

Hay (Orchard)

Timothy hay (Feed unlimited to Adults)

Kale (curly or plain)

Kiwi Fruit

Kohlrabi bulbs

Kohlrabi leaves


Lettuce (Arugula)

Lettuce (Bibb)

Lettuce (Boston)

Lettuce (Butterweed)

Lettuce (Cos)

Lettuce (Dark Green Leaf)

Lettuce (Romaine)



Melon (Cantaloupe)

Melon (Honeydew)

Melon (Watermelon)


Mustard greens / Leaf Mustard


Orange (Acid may cause sores around mouth)

Papaya / Paw Paw / Tree Melon

Parsley (curly or plain)

Parsley root


Passion Fruit / Granadilla

Peach / Stone poisonous


Peas in pods, Pea Shoots

Peppers (Sweet or Bell) Red

Peppers (Sweet or Bell) Green

Peppers (Yellow)

Persimmon (American or oriental)

Pineapple (Feed in moderation)

Plum, Prune (High in Sugar when dried)


Radicchio / Italian Chicory





Spinach (Feed in moderation)


they cant have:

Potato (Starch that's in the potato will kill them)

Sugar, like chocolate and candy (They can't digest it)

Dairy Products (This will make them sick)

Almonds (Can't digest)

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