Update Your Resume Month on September, 2024: Is it too soon to send a resume update after 3 months?

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Is it too soon to send a resume update after 3 months?

Send them an updated resume and in your cover letter tell them it is an update as well as talk about the experience you gained and how that would benefit the company. Go to on how to incorporate the new info into an Effective Cover Letter. Letting them know it is an update also let's them know you applied before and are showing interest and enthusiasm in their company.

Updating my Resume?

Updating my Resume?

Personally I simply state the Month/Year - that has been acceptable thus far.

Generally prefer to view that info for timeframe of employment purpose.

Most feel if you have changed jobs a good bit, may be of risk.

While if have ample lengths of employment with one company, prove yourself loyal.

Need you opinion on updating resumes?

Need you opinion on updating resumes?


Great advice you gave your coworker. I work with clients creating their resumes and always let them know to keep it updated. You are right, you never know what could happen. Not only could your job go away but you may run across your dream job and you can apply for it right away if you have been updating your resume. Once you have a resume, it's very easy to update.

Hopefully this helps and good luck!


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