Happiness Happens Month on August, 2024: What is happiness?

August, 2024 is Happiness Happens Month 2024. Happiness Happens Month - The Secret Society of Happy People Happiness Happens Month

What is happiness..........?

Happiness is an emotion, and I personally don't believe you feel emotions once you die - so I don't think death would make you happy.

Your other two questions are more difficult though. Like most things, I think happiness is relative, and means different things to different people. For me, it's really just a good feeling I have inside about mainly myself, but also the things around me.

My Mother died unexpectedly a few months ago. For a while, it didn't matter what else happened (girls liking me, dreams coming true, etc.) - I wasn't happy. I think that's normal with tragedies.

Eventually I remembered that I have a lot to live for. As such, my return to happiness started inside me, and being happy with me. I think if you're happy with you, then most things will make you happy - especially girls liking you and dreams coming true.

If you're not happy with yourself it's hard to be happy, so I recommend making that your primary goal. All of us have things we like about ourselves and the world, and all of us have things we don't like about ourselves and the world. My advice is to focus on the things you like about yourself, and immerse yourself in the things you like about the world.

As an example, maybe you like that you're good at chess, and you enjoy chess. Maybe you don't like football, you suck at football, and you don't like that other people always tell you football is awesome and chess is lame. I say - play chess. Remember - it's about making YOU happy. Not about making other people happy. This can be hard if you're young with peer pressure and what not, but I think it's easier as you get older.

Focus on the things you like about yourself, and immerse yourself in the things you like about the world. Doing so should give you a good feeling about life in general, and that good feeling is what I think happiness is.

Good luck to you!

Why can’t I find happiness?

Why can't I find happiness?

Searching for happiness outside ourselves only brings disharmony. Happiness comes from within. Because our thoughts create our reality, in order to be happy it is simply a matter of directing your thoughts. Most people do not even realize that they can direct their thoughts and when you don’t give your thoughts direction they have a tendency to wander around based on input. If your input is cynical and depressing (for instance modern television, newspapers, negative friends, etc.) your thoughts will generally follow suit. Our subconscious mind was designed to create our realities based on our predominant thoughts (or beliefs) and brings us our emotions based on our thoughts via the hypothalamus in the brain in the form of peptides released in the bloodstream. Then it causes you to do things (subconsciously) that attract into your life that which you believe. You can verify this by taking a look at what you believe. You see examples all the time of how it is correct but rarely find examples to the contrary. In fact you were lead to people who share your beliefs making them even stronger.

So if your reality is not one you enjoy, then you need to direct your thoughts in a way that will bring about one you will. This requires very little work but it needs to be done daily. The trick is to fool your subconscious into believing that you think a certain way so that it will go to work to make it true for you. The easiest way to do this is by repeating a phrase with feeling about ten times, once or twice daily for three months. Now when I mention with feeling, I mean like you’re trying out for the lead role in the biggest movie ever. You’re trying to convince your subconscious that you believe it, so it’s imperative that you act as if you really do. The phrase needs to be said in the present tense, as if it’s already true, and in the positive. So you wouldn’t say, “I’m not going to get sick” for instance, you would say, “I’m healthy and strong”. Anything you do this with, as explained, will become your reality so take a good look at what you really want before you make them up. Things like “Everyday life gets better for me”, “People are attracted to my charisma and charm” or, “My thoughts are in line with my desires” are good examples of thoughts that can change your reality.

Visualization, creativity, guided meditation and any other method that put the focus of your thoughts on that which you desire can be very helpful as well. Anyway that you can get your mind thinking the thoughts that you want to think increases the chance that your subconscious will believe that you accept the thoughts as your reality. You may want to change your input too, to one that is congruent with the reality you want to create. Reading or watching inspirational material is a great way to do this, as is reading about people who have mastered a reality you would like to emulate. Limiting the input that causes the emotions you don’t like is a given.

After doing this for a little over a month you will start to see a change (it takes ninety days however for your brain to physically form a new neural net [or hardwired way of thinking]). Your subconscious will then start leading you to your desired reality so you’ll need to pay attention to signs. A lot of it will happen subconsciously but sometimes we dismiss signs because they don’t meet our expectations. Usually if you are being lead to something you will get verification so if something happens more than once, pay attention.

Most people have no clue how the mind works and only utilize ten percent of their brain. We actually use one hundred percent but don’t realize that the ninety percent that creates our reality is directed by our thoughts. By spending one minute a day simply shifting our thoughts to be in line with our desires, we can create a reality that we not only love, but reflects the divine within. I hope you choose to create a reality that brings happiness and is worthy of the divine within you.

Living life loving.

seperated 3 months help?

seperated 3 months help?

Your happiness is in your hands. You can not allow someone else to dictate how happy or sad you will be! However painful it is, the separation has already happened, and you need to focus on getting back your life! Good luck!

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