Ice Cream For Breakfast Day 2022 is on Tuesday, February 1, 2022: is it wrong to eat ice-cream for breakfast?

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Tuesday, February 1, 2022 is Ice Cream For Breakfast Day 2022. International Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day Where: Full Tilt Ice Cream,

Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

It's 7am, and you've an active day ahead of you; exactly what much better means to prep than filling up on a hearty dish of ice-cream? That's right-- Ice Cream For Breakfast Day does away with wheat, corn and wholemeal cereal for frozen luscious deals with.

is it wrong to eat ice-cream for breakfast?

Dear icecreamlover,

Regardless of the time of day you eat it, ice cream wouldn't make it on any top ten healthy foods list. However, if your body is able to deal with the high doses of sugar and fat first thing in the morning, which many adults cannot, there might not be reason to toss out the ice cream scoop just yet.

The most important thing is to eat something within the first few hours after waking up in order to get your metabolism going and refuel your body after not eating for several hours. The fat in ice cream may help you stay full longer, and it contains a lot of calcium, which your body needs for healthy bones and other important functions.

Sound too good to be true? It might be… if you did it every day. Like many other things in life, too much of a good thing may not always be the best for you. Ice cream is high in calories and saturated fats, which is why it's a supplement to, rather than a basic staple, of a healthy diet.

If you're choosing ice cream first thing in the morning because you love that it's sweet, creamy, and cold, you may want to try some low-fat yogurt instead. It's like ice cream but not as high in fat, calories, or sugar. All the while, it still provides you with ample amounts of calcium. If you don't mind warming up, you could also try oatmeal sweetened with a touch of brown sugar, cinnamon, or honey and stir in some chopped up fruit for more flavor. Making the oatmeal with milk instead of water can help you feel full longer and provide essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium. If it's just your sweet tooth you're looking to satisfy, you could try switching to granola with fruit and yogurt, toast with jam or fruit spreads, or lightly sweetened cereal with milk.

Combining these foods with the occasional bowl of ice cream in the morning will help to ensure that you're eating a healthy and balanced diet overall. Of course, it's also important to eat well throughout the day, which means including plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and low-fat dairy products in other meals.

can i eat ice cream for breakfast and still loose weight if thats the only unhealthy thing i eat

can i eat ice cream for breakfast and still loose weight if thats the only unhealthy thing i eat all day ?

Eating ice cream for daily breakfast will pack on the pounds. It's full of sugar and high fat. Try yogurt.

Have you ever had ice cream for breakfast?

Have you ever had ice cream for breakfast?

i have ice cream every Friday morning cuz i celebrate it being the weekend. and i eat it all day Sunday (mostly, except maybe lunch) cuz i am a little depressed that the weekend is over. and sometimes i sneak it in on Mondays too cuz of the Monday morning blues.

my fav is choc o chip with mint and strawberry with pulp.

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