Innergize Day 2024 is on Monday, September 23, 2024: Does anyone have any suggestions for taking Reliv?

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Does anyone have any suggestions for taking Reliv?

I own a health and nutrition business, have tried hundreds of supplement programs, have taught fitness, and we take these products.

Which can of Reliv did she give you? This company doesn't make any health claims, so it's hard to tell if you will be helped in 14 days or 90 days.

For the best results, the best products to take are Classic and Innergize. The Classic has the balance of nutrients your body needs, but the Innergize causes the cells in your system to absorb 95% within 20 minutes of ingesting it.

For best results, you should take at least 1 to 2 scoops of Classic and 1/2 scoop of Innergize in 8 ounces of very cold fluid - mixed or shaken very thoroughly. That can be water, juice, or any other cold fluid as long as it is not caffeinated or contain alcohol. It is best on an empty stomach, but can also be put into smoothies. You want to avoid caffeine or alcohol within at least 1/2 hour of drinking it as it will go directly to your bloodstream.

If you are healthy, then 2 shakes a day is good for maintenance, but if you are sickly, then 3 or more shakes per day is better. I am 55 years old and our family has had great results with these products.

You would do well to get hold of whoever is helping your aunt with these products, as the people are generally very helpful in helping you get really good results without trying to shove anything down your throat.

One last thing. The previous poster has been badmouthing Reliv on other previous postings and I suspect it is her way of trying to push her product. One of the things we have seen great results with has been heartburn and acid reflux - with a lot of people. Talk to your aunt, ask about the Innergize, and ask her to connect you to people that can guide you to good health using this amazing product. As long as you are consistent - and I emphasize consistent - you will have great results. Just make sure and give yourself time. If you have Mercedes problems, you don't want to give yourself Chevrolet solutions, so don't shortcut yourself on this and be consistent.

I wish you well.

knee pains?

knee pains?

Went through exactly the same thing. Hurt like hell for no apparent reason. Went to chiropractor and also started taking Reliv Classic and Relive 'innergize'. I'm the biggest skeptic in the world, but a few weeks later, my knee stopped hurting. Also increased water intake. I drink well over a gallon of water per day.

Acid reflux and food question?

Acid reflux and food question?

Your body could be badly out of balance. It might be full of toxins. I've attached health stories below that you might be interested in. All of the people in the stories suffered from a lack of energy too.

I'm pretty sure that they would suggest you try GlucAffect®, Relìv Now® and Innergize!® as they did. If you really want to do something about your condition, these products would help you in the same way they have helped others.

You might not need the GlucAffect if the other two products were enough to get your body back into balance. I'd start out with just the two basic products. They helped me with my indigestion problems.

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