Junk Food Day 2021 is on Wednesday, July 21, 2021: Why did children get fed junk food in the olden days?

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021 is Junk Food Day 2021. Taco Bell® Fourthmeal - You're Out. You're Hungry Stop by Taco Bell® for Late Night Food Now!

Junk Food Day

Sometimes, the thought of being healthy, planning a well-balanced meal, and snack on carrot stays isn’t too appealing. Junk Food Day is about satisfying your urges for something naughtier, greasier, and certainly more fattening compared to dietary although not-very-exciting meal you will know you should be eating.

Why did children get fed junk food in the olden days?

Omgah yer right! There're never any advertisements like that these days!


Response to Additional Details:

Junk food hasn't become more healthy. Marketing in attempt to make it look that way has made it become more 'healthy'. In the 1950s, there weren't near as many things you couldn't pronounce on the back of packages. Now everything is laced with enough preservatives and artificial food dyes/flavorings to make your great granny green with disbelief.

If you wanna talk about parents being irresponsible back then, look at the child obesity rate these days compared to then.

The average weight of people in America is grossly higher than it was back in the 1950s. Back then, a treat for your kids was a treat. These days junk food is staple food. The companies that make them are at war with the growing concern of parents that you can't do anything to 'junk' food to make it not 'junky'. Not the fact itself, just the idea.

They're apparently winning.

Eating Junk food for one day?

Eating Junk food for one day?

No need to avoid the junk stuff for weeks, but have a good work out in the morning, and watch the junk for a couple Days afterward. Just make sure to get in extra veggies and such.

Why do people eat so much junk food these days?

Why do people eat so much junk food these days?

The other day I went to a shop. lol.

And the chocolate blocks (big blocks) were about $1.00.

and the beef sandwiches were about $5.50.

I still got a sandwich, but that's one reason. It's cheaper to buy junk food. :)

Also fatty.junky gross foods are usually quite addicting.

And once you start eating them, It's hard to stop.

(Like smoking). Good enough reasons?

Also some people just can't be bothered cooking those yummy homemade foods. and yeah. :)

Too much hard work.

I prefer healthy food personally. But I don't mind junk food.

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