No Pet Store Puppies Day 2021 is on Wednesday, July 21, 2021: Pet Store Crates & Puppies?

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021 is No Pet Store Puppies Day 2021. Bunny's Blog: ASPCA celebrates No Pet Store Puppies Day No Pet Store Puppies Day,

Pet Store Crates & Puppies?

Excellent question. Being that he's still a young guy, I think that you'd still be able to train him to like the crate. Like leaving the door open, leaving treats for him, praise when he goes in.... things like that.

As for reporting the pet store, it wouldn't be a bad idea. But then the puppymills will just sell to other pet stores.

I purchased a English Bull Dog puppy at a pet store 2 days later it had pneumonia was it already

I purchased a English Bull Dog puppy at a pet store 2 days later it had pneumonia was it already sick?

The reason is because pet stores get their dogs from horrid places called PUPPY MILLS!

read here-

as for the pet store. they will most likely offer you a replacement pup, not a refund.

Research before you buy next time.

pet stores and puppy mills....?

pet stores and puppy mills....?

They stay at the petstores, and sometimes get dropped off at rescues. The good thing though, if you don't buy from a pet store, is that another puppy can't take it's place. Read this poem, it makes a lot of sense.

Pet Shop Puppy

I'm a little puppy, so cuddly, sweet and small,

I live inside a cage,

you see at a Pet Store in the mall.

I'm not an only puppy, my sisters are all here.

My brothers, too, except for Ralph who died cause he was scared.

It's lonely here at night-time when all the lights go dark,

We tremble in our cages and we whimper and we bark.

But no one comes to hold us or pet our fears away.

We sit all night in terror til' the store opens the next day.

We don't remember mama, left so far behind.

She did the best she could for us til' the Man said "It is time."

He crammed us all in cages, too small for us, you see.

We rode for hours; we could not help but lay in poop and pee.

And now we sit in a Pet Store where kids come taunt and squeeze.

They do not hear our whimpers or understand our pleas.

We're miserable and it's scary here we all would rather die.

But since we don't, we do our best to run away and hide.

I know you think my story too sad to leave me be.

You want to take me home with you, a happy little puppy.

But please, though it is fearful to live here against our will.

If you take me, that leaves a spot another pup will fill.

You can stop our suffering but not by taking us home.

You must be strong and leave us here, unsold and all alone.

For if you do not take me, then another pup won't come.

And maybe he will not be shipped so far away from home.

Though some of us may not survive the cycle 'ere it falls.

If we don't sell, they will not need more puppies in these halls.

And if they need no puppies then the Man will not bring more.

Eventually it can all stop! You CAN close the door.

So when you see a puppy face so sad and sweet and small.

In a cage at a Pet Store at your neighborhood shopping mall,

The best thing you can do for him is leave him sitting there.

That is the best way you can tell all dogs how much you care.

This poem was taken off of,

Author Unknown

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