Kids Care Week on October, 2024: How much does kid care insurance cover when pregnant?

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How much does kid care insurance cover when pregnant?

It varies by state. Kid care - welfare health insurance - is run by each state. Some states limit the mother's benefits to ONLY pregnancy related stuff, some will cover ALL health issues.

No one here can give you an accurate answer, as we don't know which state you are in.

foster care in MI?

foster care in MI?

I was in foster care for ten years before I aged out of care in 1999. Please keep in mind that whatever stories you get saying how awful the kids are, there are probably twice as many stories about bad foster parents. Some of them are true and some of them are not, on both sides. I would suggest taking a preventative practices training asap after getting licensed, just to protect you and your husband from false allegations and then I would advise loving with all your heart and trying very hard not to take it personal if you do a favor for a case worker, birth parent or child and they do not seem appreciative. You will still be improving the world and the lives of the children. I would also suggest joining a foster parent support group in your area or on-line so you can get tips from other foster parents and that sort of thing.

Lunch Menu Idea’s for Kids 18mo - 7yo?

Lunch Menu Idea's for Kids 18mo - 7yo?

In my day care this is what i am serving this week

Today was

1/2 a Pb and J on wheat bread

1/2 cup cooked carrots

6 grapes

8 oz of water

Snack is apple slices or Raisins


Mac and cheese with diced hot dogs in it

Celery with ranch dressing

canned peaches

8 oz of water

Snack is Apple sauce with Cinnamon

Wednesday is

Hot ham and cheese sandwiches

Soup ( chicken noodle or tomato ) they get to pick 1


8 oz of water

Thursday is

6 chicken nuggets

french fries

pudding cup


Snack is graham crackers

Friday is

Egg salad

mixed veggies

Chips and dip

Chocolate Chip cookies ( I only do this once in awhile)

Snack is diced pineapple

This is just this week my menu changes weekly so they dont get tired of eating same thing.

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