World Dairy Expo on October, 2024: how can i get a job at the melbourne show?

World Dairy Expo 2024. World Dairy Expo is a five-day event showcasing dairy cattle and the newest technologies available to the dairy industry.

World Dairy Expo 2012

World Dairy Expo is a five-day event showcasing dairy cattle and the newest technologies available to the dairy industry.

how can i get a job at the melbourne show?

The Royal Melbourne Show is an agricultural show held at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds every September. The Royal Show began in 1848. [1]The focus of the show is the display of rural industry, including livestock and produce. There are associated competitions and awards. It is a time when the country comes to the city, and the foundation of Australia's economy in rural industry is celebrated.

Like other Royal Shows, the show features amusement rides and a sideshow alley, as well as the peculiarly Australian tradition of 'Showbags', carry bags full of goodies produced by various commercial enterprises.

A prominent feature during showtime are the many rides including a permanent wooden Mad Mouse roller coaster which resided at the grounds till 2001, owned by Wittingslow Amusements. A permanent chairlift also resided onsite till 2005. The site has its own railway station, used during special events located on the Flemington Racecourse line.

While the Royal Show is the main show in Victoria, many cities and towns in regional Victoria host smaller shows, such as the Royal Geelong Show, Ballarat Show, Warragul Show, Whittlesea Show and the Shepparton Show.


The major rural competitions of the show include Alpaca competitions, Beef Cattle Competitions, Beef Carcase Competitions, Dairy Cattle Competition, Dog Competitions, Angora Goat Competitions, Boer Goat Competitions, Dairy Goat Competitions, Horse Competitions, Poultry Competition, Sheep Competition, Domestic Animal Competitions, Fleece Competitions and Woodchop Competitions.

There are also Art, Craft and Cookery Competitions.


An Alpaca.

An Alpaca.

Merino sheep.

Merino sheep.

A young Hereford.

A young Hereford.

Located all around the show grounds are a total of fifteen pavilions and arenas. These include:-

* The Grand Pavilion where you can buy produce including wine, cheese, smallgoods, sauces, fresh fruit and vegetables. There is also homemade ice cream, cheese, hand made chocolates and more.

* The Grand Boulevard is a boulevard with selected themed commercial sites scattered along the spine sweeps across the full length of the site.

* The Herald Sun Town Square has large open grassed areas with food stalls and daily entertainment.

* The Coca-Cola Arena is a 9,000 square metre open air arena where crowds can watch the special events and entertainment.

* nab Animal Nursery Discovery Farm has baby animals, a shearing shed, a milking shed and a chook shed.

* The Woodchop Pavilion has woodchopping competitions during the day and music at night. .

* The Livestock Pavilion. this is a huge pavilion where you can see the animals or watch what’s happening on the judging rings.

* The Showbag Pavilion. is a large 3,000 square metre Hoecker building. Primary site for Showbag sales.

* The Rural Life Pavilion is full of crafts such as clothing, leather goods, home made and hand-crafted jewellery and glass decorations.

* The Weekly Times AgriTech where companies, government agencies and educational institutions come together to present a showcase of the latest innovations in agriculture, spanning everything from cropping to machinery.

* The Wonderful World of Pets promotes products and services directly targeted towards pet owners, including grooming products, pet foods and pet equipment.

* The Victorian Government Expo.

* The Sports and Leisure Pavilion where you can take part in the interactive sports and leisure activities located next to the Showbag Hall.

* The Market Bazaar has a variety of knick knacks and novelties. Products range from mobile phone accessories, novelties, jewellery, magic, clothing, artwork and other items.

* The Arts and crafts Pavilion has art, craft and photography displays.


Entertainment is easily found with many performances, activities and displays. Such entertainers may include Dorothy the Dinosaur from the children's group The Wiggles, Sampson the Monster truck, clowns, caricature artists and many more. Every night at the show there is a spectacular fireworks display and live bands. Dazzling lights, colours and sounds provide a magical atmosphere in the Carnival precinct at night. The views from the giant Ferris wheel across Melbourne’s skyline and the Showgrounds are spectacular and if your lucky enough to be on the top as the fireworks display begins you’ll enjoy the best seats in the house. The show grounds houses and abundance or rides ranging from the ever popular dodgem cars to roller coasters and even helicopter rides.

[edit] Rides

Rides at the Melbourne Show 2005.

Rides at the Melbourne Show 2005.

Dodgem Cars.

Dodgem Cars.

* Wave Swinger

* Claw

* Cliff Hanger

* Crazy Coaster

* Dodgem Cars

* Dominator

* Ferris Wheel

* Rockin' Tug

* Hard Rock

* Techno Jump

* Taipan

* No Limit

* Thunderbolt

* Sea X Plorer

* Chaos

* Alibaba Ride

* Roller Coaster Ghost Train

* Breakdance

* Extreme Speed

* Mega Mix Ride

* Kamikaze

* Space Roller

* Twin Flip (possibly no more due to an accident at Royal Adelaide Show in late 2006)

The children's rides include:

* Grand Carousel

* Jump Around

* Taxi Jet Car

* Circus Swing

* Harley Hog Motor Bike Ride

* Rockin' Tug

* Flash Dance

* Shark Inflatable

* Tiger Inflatable

* Elephant Jet

* Miniature Railway

* Go Gator Coaster

* Circus Circus

* F1 Euro Slide

* Undersea Mini Wheel

* City Bridge Convoy

* Samba Balloon Ride

* Aladdin Mini Jet

* Cup & Saucer Ride

* Outback Pony Rides

* Outback Rattler

* Free Fall

* Mini Jet

* Train Ride

* Ferrari 500 Racers

* Magic Swans

Tickets 2007

Ticket Price

Adult $27.00

Child (Under 5) Free

Child (5 - 14) $13.00

Concession $17.00

Senior - 25th of September ONLY $13.00

Family $75.00

It should be noted that last years prices dropped because there were no horses at the event due to the flu crisis. This year, there should be horses at the event raising prices by a couple of dollars.

Partners & Sponsors

The Royal Melbourne Show is sponsored by a large number of companies and organisations. These are; Coca-Cola, Safeway, National Australia Bank (NAB), Pedigree and Kubota. The show is proudly sponsored by KR Castlemaine, The Weekly Times, Rural Finance, ProCal Dairies, Herald Sun, Tooheys, Bundaberg, Stock and Land, Cleanevent, Whiskas, City of Melbourne, Channel Nine, Highpoint, Peters and ITC.

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Royal Melbourne Show

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* Sydney Royal Easter Show

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* Royal Melbourne Show website

* Live at Night at the Royal Melbourne Show




* Photos from the 2006 Royal Melbourne Show (post renovations.)

[edit] References

1. ^ Royal Melbourne Show 2008

The Melbourne International Motor Show is an annual auto show held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, in Melbourne, Australia (technically being held in Southbank). It attracts major car makers, modifiers and suppliers from around the world, and usually occurs around the same time as the Australian Grand Prix. It contains sections dedicated to the different manufacturers. Shannons occasionally hold auctions in the outside section of the centre.

he first Melbourne Motor Show was started on 30 April 1925. The Melbourne Motor Show has become one of the longest running Motor Shows in the world and by far the longest running in Australia. Until 1996 it was held at the Royal Exhibition Building then moved to the new Melbourne Exhibition Centre complex.

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