Kids' Goal Setting Week on October, 2024: How involved are you in your kid's education?

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How involved are you in your kid’s education?

I taught my daughter to read before kindergarten, took her to pre-school a few times a week to socialize, made sure she could count to 100 and knew all shapes, colors and how to write her name, address, and phone before too. I have always volunteered at her school with many programs, helped her and sometimes her friends with homework, and give her a whole pile of encouragement. I knew what she was capable of learning and I felt responsible for doing everything I could to help her take advantage of her abilities. I believe that it's because of this effort that she participates in the gifted and enrichment programs, is a responsible student, an avid reader, member of student council, service club, and a junior rep for our local heritage group. She sets her own goals high and works very hard. Not saying she is perfect, but her effort is relentless and her test scores overall prove it. She is now in fifth grade, reading on a high school level and scoring distinguished on national tests. I am proud of my hard worker and support her every way I can.

What are your goals for this week?

What are your goals for this week?

I have to

-work harder at quitting smoking (no more little puffs here and there); pick up some nicotine gum

-meet with my academic advisors to get funding in place for yet another six months of school, to start in May

-clean the house top to bottom

-volunteer at a law firm Thursday and Friday

-order a few books, I have nothing new to read

-set up hosting for a new web site and start work on it

-add 45 new listings to my Internet directory

-take the printer's ink cartridges to be refilled

-get cob bedding for the rabbit and the new hamster

-get one kid's air cadet uniform on Tuesday and get him back to the base for band on Thursday

-write a book review for "The End of Faith" and movie review for "Crank".

-get the other kid some new jeans

-cook, clean, laundry, etc.

Does President Bush truly have the authority to confiscate my kid’s Happy Meal..

Does President Bush truly have the authority to confiscate my kid's Happy Meal...including the damned toy?!

The MacManagement wishes to express its heartfelt apologies for this unfortunate incident.

Please let us explain.

The soon to be ex - President of the United States, worried

about his future employment took an aptitude test last week.

The results were let us say.......slightly dissapointing.

According to the results he might just about make the grade

as a Burger - Flipper, so he applied for a trial period.

Unfortunately it turned out he set his goals to high, he failed

dismally. He kept muttering and stuttering indignant phrases about liberal flip- flopping and not wanting to do these Nancy things?.As it happens the test also indicated mr. Bush was

a bit of a clown.

As luck would have it we also employ these, mainly for kiddies parties.

Out of respect for the office of President we decided to let him have a shot at that, but every now and then he falls out

of his role and the 'decider' (as he calls it ) appears.

We think something like that must have happened while you

and your kid were visiting, but frankly we have no idea what

really goes on in the man's mind when he is in that mode.

We have consulted renowned experts and the conclusion is

that 'no one knows'. They're as baffled as we are.

Hoping to have informed you adequately, we remain.

P.S.; We've decided he is unsuited for the job, any job

to be fearfully honest.

But we have to break it to him gently, the experts say he's been through some hard times and his reactions are unpredictable.

We don't want to push all the wrong buttons, and we certainly

don't want him to start doing that !.

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