Mediation Week on October, 2024: going to custody mediation in 2 weeks please help?

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going to custody mediation in 2 weeks please help?

Yes you call and document everything... EVERYTHING.. and before mediation there is normally a tutorial video they want you to go to but don't tell you about - look into it and go as this will go a long way with the mediator. Remember in mediation to not interrupt the mother of your daughter for any reason, if you have issues - write them down and address them when it's your turn to speak, don't show any signs of anger, don't curse. Write down all your concerns to discuss with the mediator and don't leave anything out. Good Luck

Divorce - Mediation - Financial Hardship?

Divorce - Mediation - Financial Hardship?

1. If, at the trial, the judge actually DOES order mediation, can't her lawyer plea Financial Hardship as a reason why my daughter can't goto mediation?

How do you know it was not a judicial bench order? The fact is, if mediation has been ordered and she shows up in court without having participated, the judge is well within discretion to rule in the other party's favor without giving her another chance.

As for financial hardship, that is not an option to opt out of mediation.

2. If the judge doesn't accept Financial Hardship, can't her lawyer demand that all mediation costs be paid by her to-be-Ex ??

He can ask but it is up to the court and in many states, by statute, there is no discretion here. The court is bound by statute to tax BOTH parties an equal share of the mediation.

Even in states where mediation is not taxed equally, the court normally orders the party NOT cooperating to shoulder the extra expense for the mediation.

3. Is there any other acceptable way for her or her lawyer to get out of going to mediation ??

Yes, either die before trial or agree to stipulations offered by the other party.

Instead of helping your daughter thumb her nose at the judicial system, it would be nice to finally see a parent teach their child to accept responsibility.

That is obviously not the case here.

EEOC Mediation Meeting Expectations?

EEOC Mediation Meeting Expectations?

the purpose of mediation is to make sure you understand what is and is NOT discrimination, to explain the law a it relates to your claims, mediation is the first step and if this is not resolved at mediation then the EEOC will start an investigation and based on their initial findings they will either proceed or decide they don't see a violation and will give you a right-to-sue letter.....

this letter does NOT mean they think you will win it means you have the right to proceed on your own....

if their initial investigation suggest your claims are valid and a violation may have occurred they will do an in depth investigation, prosecute the case and propose a settlement... if you disagree with their proposed settlement at that time they will give you a right-to-sue letter so you can proceed on your own.....

you do NOT need an attorney at mediation, although you may bring one, (the mediator decides what role if any your attorney may play during the mediation) this is not so much a fact finding as it is an attempt to make sure both sides know the law, understand the law and understand their obligations under the law, it is an attempt to get both sides to communicate and see all the facts.... a very large number of complaints are resolved in mediation simply because both parties have an opportunity to learn what the issues are and how the law applies. many employers and employees do NOT know what discrimination is, and learning what discrimination is in itself resolves many complaints.

most of the complaints that are filed with the EEOC are resolved by the EEOC . most complaints that result in a right-to-sue letter immediately following mediation (because the agency does not proceed) are not resolved favorably for the claimant.

most claims that are fully resolved by the EEOC do result in a favorable settlement for the claimant.

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