Laugh at Work Week on April, 2025: Whats the thing that made you laugh this week?

Laugh at Work Week 2025. Randall Munson: Creatively Speaking Laugh at Work Week - a

Whats the thing that made you laugh this week?

I laugh about 60 times a week so....

1.Watching shane dawson dance to "like a g6"

2.Watching Shane Dawsons camera keep falling over while he tries to dance.

3.Watching my bff pretend a a huge purple bouncy ball is Justin Bieber as she makes out with it.

4.watching my bff throw the bouncy ball when she realises it is not Justin Bieber

5.Watching and hearing my bff talking to herself between mine and her phone

6.watching my bff text herself between mine and her phone

7.Hearing my bff's brother act like a retard

8:watching my bff;s brother and dad flip out over Call Of Duty 4.

9.Hearing my bff's brother making fun of her.

10.Watching "prank photo booth" on youtube

11.watching "prank photo 3" on youtube

12:watching "prank photo booth 4" on youtube

13.watching "prank photo booth 5" on youtube

14. watching a guy doing drive thru pranks on youtube

15. watching another youtube just like it ^^

16.watching another youtube vid just like it ^^^

17.Watching my bff putting her legs behind her head so it touches the ground

18.watching my bff's brother knock her over

19.watching my bff step in a plate of nachos (my nachos)

20.accidently stepping in my plate of nachos as well (3 times)




24.Watching my dad text my bff saying i hate her

25.Textign my bff back and force while trying to type "2 times"


27.Watching "sherlock holmes"

28.Texting to my friend and shes all confused

29.texting to my friend and shes not understanding a thing im saying'

30.texting my friends sister and being random

Um....that was just between today and ya....

Have YOU laughed this week?

Have YOU laughed this week?

My dad told me this story of when his friend from childhood put his wang in a vacuum cleaner and couldn't get it out and yelled and yelled until his sister came and she thought he was humping the vacuum and he ended up having a bruise around his danger zone for two weeks.

Can a baby of three weeks laugh?

Can a baby of three weeks laugh?

Babies smile as early as birth, HOWEVER they start to smile and laugh socially at about 4-6 weeks of age. But all babies develop differently and it's possible that some start sooner and some may not smile or laugh until 2-3 months of age.

My son has always been smiling and chuckling in his sleep, but he just started to smile back at me intentionally last week and he is almost 7 weeks old.

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