Month of the Young Child on April, 2024: my 22 month old keeps pushing and hitting younger children.?

April, 2024 is Month of the Young Child 2024. Memphis Family Fantasy - Enchanted Fairies & Dragons‎ Bring the Kids to this unique Attraction.

my 22 month old keeps pushing and hitting younger children...?

yes my 2 year old child also kept doing this for a while, except he was doing it to anyone, not younger ones, when at soft play he would pull others hair, pull them down to the ground and jump all over them, then we joined a toddlers group (to get him used to other children) and there he kept slapping the girls over and over again, until he was pulled away, everytime he did it, we just made him do time out for 2 mins in some cases he was in time out more than playing, then asked him to say sorry to the child and he gives them a kiss and cuddle (as his speech isnt great yet) I apologised to the parents - and we just have to keep a very close eye on him and intervene asap. One time he grabbed at a girls eye in the swingpark, after 2 warnings his daddy just took him home, as he wouldnt stop it. My son is 28 mths now and is much better behaved he has stopped the hitting (takes tantrums all over the place, but thats a different story lol) I think we are making progress and perhaps it was just a phase- Goodluck!

Lab/Shepherd puppy around young children?

Lab/Shepherd puppy around young children?

My dogs are very large, even as pups. They could easily knock a small child down, so I train for this. I want my Newfies to like kids and other dogs, and I want kids to be able to come up to my dogs to pet them and other dogs to be able to meet and greet my dogs. However - Newfoundlands as large as they are, can be pretty scary/intimidating to someone that doesn't know the breed. I teach my dogs to get in the down position whenever a small dog or small child approaches - Newfies *look* smaller in a down position and they don't look as scary to another dog and they can't knock kids over when they are in a down position. Kids are more willing to approach a smaller dog, so are other dogs.

I would totally encourage this type of socialization now. My dogs automatically get into a down now (I don't ever have to tell them to down anymore) because they understand that is how to get others to approach them. It's self rewarding for them to drop to the floor for others to approach.

Kids have an energy that dogs are attracted to. It would be unrealisitic for your dog to remain in a down all the while you niece is over, so by all means, keep your dog on leash when your niece is around so she doesn't get hurt. Always supervise dogs and children together. Even though I know my Newfies are wonderful dogs, I don't leave them alone with my grandson - ever, and he has his very own Newfie, too.

Don't allow your dog to pull you over to children, instead - ask friends to help, enlist your niece and teach him that people will approach him when he's lying down. When he gets up from his down - people move away. Of course, as a calm adult - he won't have to do that anymore.

Swimming lessons for young children?

Swimming lessons for young children?

They start swimming lessons @ 6 months. No she not too young. But the classes are parent assisted classes. 1 parent for every child. My daughter just turned one and I'm signing us up at the next registration. Never hurts to get them acclimated to water and the sooner they learn to float and paddle the better off they'll be.

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